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Chapter 18 - The teaching of the Galilaen prophet.

18,1. Says Cyrenius: “Friend, I acknowledge your great insight and cunning and that Herod has created in you an advocate for himself whose equal can not be found in the whole of Judea! But now you no longer represent Herod, you are Roman, and you will never again need to present a case for Herod, purely our case and on our behalf You are therefore able to learn more about certain things which have been concentrated at this point alongside the sea and why they are so remarkable! However, tell me now what you would do, if suddenly the great Prophet from Galilee would appear from nowhere!”

18,2. Says Zinka: “I?! - Nothing; I would let him go on his way! Of course I would like to talk to him, to see if John was right to say, that he was not worthy to unfasten his shoes! John was an extremely wise prophet and had more light than all the old prophets taken together. Now if John testifies in this way about Jesus of Nazareth, how great, how wise and how mighty must He be!

18,3. You know, my noble friend, that if I seriously wanted to arrest Jesus - even only for appearance’ sake - I could have done it long ago as most of the time I actually knew where Jesus stayed! But I truly did not want to do this and to speak honestly, - I had a certain fear of this man! According to everything that I have heard about him - and this from credible witnesses, even from Samaritans -, he must enjoy the full scope of some sort of complete divinity - or he must be a carefully selected magician from the old Egyptian school! There are no circumstances in which I want anything in particular to do with him; since I would certainly get all the dust in my face. Of course I only want to see and speak to him, but only under the most congenial circumstances and not even from a distance if I am wearing these my huntsman’s clothes!”

18,4. Now I Myself speak to Zinka and say: “Dear friend, I am also someone who knows Jesus of Nazareth as well as I know Myself. I can only tell you about Him, that He is the enemy of no man, but a benefactor of all who come to Him and look to Him for help. He is an enemy of sin, but not of the sinner who regrets his sins and returns in humility to goodness. No person has ever been judged and punished by Him, even if his sins are greater than the sand in the sea or the grass on earth.

18,5. His teaching, expressed in a few words, is that man should recognize God and love Him above all things, loving also his neighbour as himself, regardless of what or who the other is, high or low, poor or rich, male or female, young or old. He who does this at all times and avoids sin, will soon experience it in himself that such teaching truly comes from God and has not come out of the mouth of a person, but out of the mouth of God. No person could possibly know what he should do to attain the everlasting life and in what this consists. Only God knows this but in the end also he who has heard it from the mouth of God.

18,6. He also teaches, that all people who wish to attain the eternal life, must be taught by God. Those who only learn from mankind what they should do, are still far away from the kingdom of God. For they hear the word uttered from a mortal tongue but in the same way that the tongue which gave out the word is mortal, so is the word in the person who heard it. He does not respect the word nor does he not make it live in his deeds. However the word coming from the mouth of God is not dead but alive. It moves the heart and will of man to action and, in so doing, the whole person becomes alive.

18,7. Once a person has become alive through the word of God, he remains alive and free for ever and will not ever feel or taste death, - even if he were to die a thousand times by leaving his body!

18,8. See, my friend, this is in a few words the core of the teaching of the great Prophet from Nazareth! - Tell us how you like Him, and then what you think of Him!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-18 Chapter