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Chapter 180 - The Lord sends a messenger toward the Nubian caravan.

180,1. Marcus asks Me with a very happy look on his face: “My Omniscient Lord! How many of them are there?”

180,2. I say: “The head count is exactly seventy, of which thirty-four are women and thirty-six men just like their fugitive ancestors. The one without a wife is the seer, and the second unmarried one is his servant!

180,3. Look this is how these black people became fugitives nearly a thousand years ago, basically because of a change in the laws which in Moses’ time were not quite the same as before the Great Flood! The old leader who became a fugitive, wished to revive the old customs and habits but he only succeeded in making many enemies, who began to persecute him and his followers in a despicable way, so that finally he had no option but to seek refuge from the superior, blind, fanatical strength of his many enemies.

180,4. The escape was therefore a prophetic portent of the coming of a higher light and in Moses’ time indicated to the worthier descendants of Cain as well, that the light of redemption would also shine forth for them. These black people can not fully aspire to reach Jacob’s ancient well like the children of Abraham, but nevertheless they will still be able to imbibe the splendid waters, if they thirst for them.

180,5. Now let us choose a messenger who has mastered the language of upper Egypt! In Julius’ camp there is a captain of the guard; call him to Me, so that I can instruct him as to how he can recognize the leader immediately and what he should say to him!”

180,6. Julius himself got up immediately and hurried to the camp, called to the guard and brought him to Me.

180,7. When this typical Roman reached Me, he said: “Son of the most highest and most noble Zeus! What instructions do You have for me? I am most unworthy to receive any orders from You - the Son of the highest God only gives orders to subordinate gods, then to the princes on this earth, then to the most senior generals, then to their colonels and captains, and only then to their slaves, which we have the honour to be - however You, most High Lord, wish to make an exception here and I therefore ask You to give me Your holy instructions!”

180,8. I say: “Very good, very good, My dear friend! You are still a typical Roman, but nevertheless faithful and honest in your beliefs and true to your station in life. You have served for some time in Egypt and have learned to understand and speak the old Egyptian language, and now you are being asked to carry a message for Me to the area near Caesarea Philippi. You are a good rider and on horseback you will soon find the right place.

180,9. Near the town which was burned down you will meet a caravan of seventy black people while at the front, riding on two camels in white livery, you will find the leader on the right and his servant on the left. The leader will greet you when you are still some distance away. He is dressed completely in white garments but you will see that his face is coal black as well as his hands and feet – however his heart looks much brighter than the skin on his body. Say to him: ‘You have reached your goal; follow me! Within a few moments you will be standing in the presence of Him, for whom you have searched after His appearance to you seven times in a vision!’

180,10. Just say this to him in the ancient Egyptian tongue which you speak rather well! Go now, saddle your horse and ride quickly to the point where the main roads cross and there you will meet him!”

180,11. When the guard captain had heard Me out, he bowed deeply and said: “A Roman veteran never bows except to the gods; but You alone deserve our admiration and worship! I will proceed to carry out Your instructions!”

180,12. The already grey-haired warrior hurries away, quickly mounts his Arab horse in full armour and gallops like an arrow to the chosen spot. A dust cloud in the distance was a sure sign that the large caravan was approaching the meeting place. Our messenger was on the spot in a few minutes but he still had to wait for a quarter of an hour for all the people in the large caravan to arrive. We could see them if we stepped round the corner of the house as the distance to the junction was scarcely half an hour’s walk away.

180,13. When the leader reached our guard captain armed to the teeth, the latter asked as was the Roman custom of war, where he was heading and what had happened in his native land to make him undertake the journey.

180,14. The leader came to a halt, looked the Roman squarely in the eye and said in a very serious voice: “Roman! Who told you to expect me here? Today we have already come from the great sea and have travelled over steppes and through forests. From Alexandria ships carried us over the sea and only the birds could see us from Egypt to here! You are the first person we have encountered during the whole trip; how could you know that we would arrive? Who informed you of our arrival? Are you clairvoyant? But you are carrying arms which have often been covered in human blood and can not therefore be a clairvoyant. You should however know that there is primordial, supreme Godhead mightier than all your gods and above all men, no matter what the colour of their skin!

180,15. Seven times I had the same vision and in it I always saw this area illuminated in an indescribable way. A small group of people whose skin was white or brown in colour, was already standing in this intense light and they themselves were shining like the sun. However in their midst there was one individual who shone more brightly than a hundred thousand suns! All the light originated from Him and, yes, it gave me the feeling that the whole of infinity was filled beyond measure with His incomparable light! However, despite His incredibly intense light, it nevertheless did not cause any pain in the way that the much weaker light from the sun inflicts pain on us.

180,16. At the end of the vision which was always the same I invariably heard the clearly spoken words: ‘Go there, you black person, and your night will be illuminated!’ I told all my black brothers and sisters and we decided to undertake this trip from Nubia which has already taken three months.

180,17. I knew quite well where we had to go as my spirit, which had already accompanied me for seven years, had informed me that the place which I saw in my vision, was to be found in Asia along the coast of the great sea. I immediately recognized it from the sea, which I had pictured seven times in my vision. When we were at the right place, we disembarked. Immediately we saw a road which brought us to this place - and here you are to meet us! Please tell me, who told you about us? Speak up! I anticipate something wonderful!”

180,18. The Roman said: “You have reached the end of your difficult journey! Within a few moments you will be standing in the presence of Him, the One you have searched for after seeing Him in your visions seven times!”

180,19. The leader immediately instructed all of them to follow the Roman as he was clearly a messenger sent by Him, whom they were searching for.

180,20. The Roman immediately rode in front and the whole caravan followed him.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-180 Chapter