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Chapter 181 - The Lord talks to the leader of the Nubians.

181,1. The ride went smoothly and our captain of the guard brought the whole caravan to us, as we sat contentedly at the tables.

181,2. When My Jarah saw the pitch-black faces with their prominent blood-red lips and remarkably white eyes, she was frightened and said: “O Lord, will these beings really not harm us? They really look so dreadfully black! I have already seen Moors, but not as strikingly black as these people! Just look at the strong sets of teeth! It is certain, My Lord, that if I were not with You, I would begin to be terribly afraid! To fall in love with a black man like that would really present a challenge to a tender-hearted girl!”

181,3. I say: “Very well, My dearest daughter, - but be sensible, My little child! Who should be afraid of a colour? You are now perhaps being a little childish, - but that does not matter! Just pay attention carefully to everything; because there will be some important matters to be discussed!”

181,4. Jarah says: “However, I shall most probably not understand a great deal as the old Egyptian tongue is a closed book to me and these black men speak no other language!”

181,5. I say: “Everything will be translated - so be calm, be silent and just listen!”

181,6. Hearing this, Jarah quietens down and I immediately called the wise man who was their leader to come to Me and asked him what had motivated him and his companions to travel so far. Of course I already knew the whole story from the beginning but I was nevertheless obliged to ask to provide him with the opportunity to express himself and reveal his intentions.

181,7. In reply to My question, which I put to him in the Hebrew tongue, the leader also spoke in our language and answered: “For me You are the nameless one who is the most exalted person on this earth. Forgive this poor, weak, half-man, if I dare to make the hesitant point that I recognize in you the very same person I saw four months ago in my seven identical visions surrounded by an indescribably bright light. I began to look for that person and have travelled to the ends of this earth. Now, touched to the depths of my heart, I believe I have truly found him! Would you, most noble lord, please tell me, if I am right?” 8] I say: “It would be of little value to you if I were to say yes or no; you must recognize the truth for yourself! Seek the truth and it will be clear to you! You have come so far but you can also go further; however you yourself have to have serious and steadfast intent! No external guidance is of any value if is not simultaneously received from within your own mind. Look how well you now speak Hebrew! Can you remember ever having learned this language? As your companions now also understand this language quite well, ask them if they have ever learned Hebrew at any time! Go over and convince yourself of this!”

181,9. The leader guides his camel to his companions and speaks in Hebrew to them. All of them understand him and even answer him in our language. The leader is now completely astonished and can not explain to himself how he and all his companions have gained their knowledge of Hebrew - he is of course unaware that this is a feat within My powers.

181,10. After this encounter the leader returns to Me, still sitting on his camel, and says: “Most exalted person on earth! I am at a loss as I sit here in my black skin, as this is the first trip I have ever undertaken! I have never become acquainted with the languages and customs of other countries and am totally without experience in all aspects of life. At home in my own country, things are very simple. The land is good and beautiful, but it does not offer us anything new. It is therefore possible that this land here has the ability to imbue a foreigner, as soon as he enters its borders, with the spirit of the local language so that he can immediately speak to the natives as if he himself were one of them. Whether this is possible or not, I can not say. Please, therefore, give me an explanation! In my own country I was never able to put anything like this to the test as no foreigner ever came to visit us!”

181,11. I say: “First dismount from your camels, lead them to the strip of meadow near the sea, so that they can enjoy their necessary respite and be able to take you back to your country more easily - the return journey is certainly no shorter in distance than the way here was! Then come back again as that will show how much enlightenment you are all able to take!”

181,12. The leader bows and says: “Most exalted man among men! You are quite right that we can only dare to place our very unholy feet on this holy earth as, judging from my visions, this land must be immeasurably holy!”

181,13. I say: “If it is not too holy for the feet of your camels, it will certainly not be too holy for your human feet!”

181,14. The leader says: “Yes, this is truly, truly, truly so! Most exalted of men among men on this earth, You are most kind and exceedingly wise!”

181,15. Saying this, he guides his camel back to his companions and informs them of My wishes. Immediately the camels kneel and the riders descend to the ground. These well trained animals then stand up again and are led to the strip of grass beside the sea where they start to graze quite contentedly. Ten if the Negroes are instructed to look after the camels while the rest, together with their leader, immediately return to Me.

181,16. When they reach Me, I first ask the leader to tell Me his name, and he says: “My name describes what I am and in our tongue it is OU BRATOU VISHAR. With us no one has a name unless his describes his occupation. Otherwise we are all called the same: SLOUVI.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-181 Chapter