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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-184 Chapter

Chapter 184 - The blessing of the primordial culture of the simple man.

184,1. (Oubratouvishar:) “‘Therefore be true to your great and unique natural purity and never have any ambition to acquire such a wretched national culture! Never build any cities! Dwell in your simple huts and you will remain for all time the most fortunate nation on earth. This assessment will be even more valid if you retain your proper recognition of the everlasting true God, honouring and loving Him alone! Even if you can not see Him, He can see you and He will always strengthen you with the necessary power to combat any elements which are hostile to man. According to the original laws of nature, man is lord of all things which live and breathe on, within and above this earth.

184,2. You are still, what mankind should be! The fierce lion, as well as the tigers, panthers, hyenas, wolves, bears, snakes and adders flee from your presence; only herds which have been tamed follow you every step of the way! Equipped with all his unique properties, man still stands on the same elevated primordial level where the Creator placed him at the beginning of all creation. Lie down on the grass where the rattle-snake and the poisonous viper are playing their malicious games and they will abandon the holy place where man, as lord of Nature, is taking his rest! Angry ants, the curse of so many forests and plains, leave the scene as soon as man with his primordial strength settles in an area and builds a house for himself. The lion, the panther and the predatory tiger stay away from herds which are guarded by true men, and the crocodile, the dragon of the Nile, is never to be seen in those regions which are inhabited by mankind. The ibis, the stork and the icz ne ma (ichneumon = has no poison) willingly serve man and cleanse the land of all creeping animal vermin, and their sharp eagle eyes seek out dead corpses which they then devour to ensure that the air is never polluted.

184,3. What a splendid existence people enjoy in every country area, compared with the wretched life led by people in the cities, who are consumed by arrogance and foul-smelling love of self! All their primordial life’s forces are extinguished and they have become foreign bodies, foreign beings in the vast kingdom of Nature which surrounds them. They no longer have any contact with God and consequently even with any other of His creatures. They are obliged to build strong castles and fortresses to protect themselves against the hostility of Nature!

184,4. Today, if I were to allow one hundred of these people to spend the night on the grassland where I told you to camp, not one of them will have survived with his life when dawn breaks. These are no longer people but pale shadows of their former selves and their crippled bodies harbour all kinds of evil and immature natural spirits and unnatural vices. Their behaviour towards others is no longer governed by their God-given individuality and they have more of an animal-like existence. There is no power left in them any more and even less available in the outside world. Their nature no longer allows others to believe their beings have attained their highest achievable goals - merely total depravity and complete destruction of the platform on which all creatures are supposed to reach their perfect state. All other creatures are therefore hostile to these people and try to exterminate them in every possible way because they expect nothing more from them.

184,5. My noble, black-skinned friend, you and your whole nation should therefore be happy, that you are black and that you still live the innocent huts of the spring of life, particularly because you still as a result represent what a true person should be according to the ordinances of the supreme Spirit of God! Therefore, always remain as you are now, and hand your culture down to your most distant descendants, and you and they will then never have cause to complain about the distress and misery of human life!’”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-184 Chapter