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Chapter 185 - The residence of the Nubians in Egypt.

185,1. (Oubratouvishar:) (the proconsul continued): “‘Now we shall proceed to the place where I will show you where you can stay! At the same time I will provide a guard to protect you for as long as you are here. The guard will warn off the criminal element which would not be concerned in the slightest if it were to raze your camp to the ground both physically and morally. I shall not ask if you have understood since I know that you have grasped what I have said. In future you will understand me even better!’

185,2. Having said this, the proconsul gave a signal by striking a metal plate which resounded loudly and a large number of armed men with dark brown skin miraculously appeared. He gave his instructions in a foreign tongue which we did not understand. However, when the considerate commander noticed that I was uneasy, he comforted me by explaining in my language what he had said to his armed men. He had informed them that they must offer us their best possible protection against the intrusion of the decadent city dwellers which he no longer regarded as members of the human race.

185,3. One of their officers, dressed in nearly the same way as our friend who showed us the way, remarked to his commander that, although the luxuriant grassland was rich, it was infested by poisonous snakes and vipers and that people and cattle could not live on it..

185,4. The commander said: ‘That is certainly true of decadent people and their cattle but these are still genuine primordial people who are undisputed masters of all of Nature’s kingdom and its creatures, whatever the species! The numerous poisonous snakes will not only leave the people unharmed, but all of the wild life will take their young and leave this otherwise most beautiful spot immediately. As their guards you will not have the slightest problem with the vermin and you can be fully confident of that! - But now, bring me twenty-two pairs of leather banded shoes, which we will give to these unspoilt people, to prevent them unnecessarily damaging their feet on our rough sandy soil!’

185,5. The shoes quickly arrived. My servant and I each immediately received a pair of very comfortable shoes and on the proconsul’s instructions the other twenty pairs were handed to our companions by four of the guards. After they had also put on the shoes, they were asked by the guards to follow them to the new meadow. In the meantime, I with my servant and the commander all accompanied by the other guards, walked down many streets to reach the spot outside the city where the large stretch of beautiful meadow was situated, plentifully endowed with excellent grass, together with a number of date, fig and orange trees and several other varieties of fruit. I also concluded that the meadow would seldom be visited by other people as we could hear the rustle of countless rattle-snakes in the distance. .

185,6. Soon afterwards my companions also arrived with the large herds and the camels. When they reached the field, they did not wait until the wild life had fled before bringing in our herds. Without showing the slightest fear they took possession of the meadow and its fruit, immediately walked in all directions across the wide pasture while all the vermin fled to the Nile so that for more than half-an-hour its surface was covered with the creatures. There were even four Nile dragons which took flight before my companions and our herds.

185,7. The proconsul also explained this phenomenon to the guards assigned to us and told them that they could fearlessly go with us to every part of the meadow as he was already fully convinced that even on the first night they would not find a single adder or any other snake on the whole pasture. That was how it was – in the evening, after about an hour, the pasture was free of wild life of any kind.

185,8. On the other side of the Nile we could see whole flocks of Egyptian sheep fleeing from the escaping poisonous snakes. The shepherds were fleeing with the sheep, screaming horribly but nevertheless reaching the refuge of a Nile bridge. However, the flocks suffered losses in that quite a few lambs were caught and eaten by the larger animals. There were also colonies of rabbits on the other side and they were also surprised by the unexpected invasion with the result that many of their young too were consumed by the snakes.

185,9. The guards took good note of the previously inaccessible delicious dates, figs and oranges, and also of the very beautiful roscize ( the carob tree or ‘John’s bread’), which was generally used for camel food.

185,10. The captain of the guard said to the proconsul: ‘Honour to Isis and Osiris! Finally we can also harvest here again and that has not been the case in living memory!’

185,11. However their commander said: ‘The crop for the full year will belong to those who cleansed this field. You can take only what they allow you to take, but not a single leaf from a tree without permission! In addition refrain from invoking your trifling local gods in front of these very unspoilt people as there is not one man in your group to whom I have not presented the teachings of the only true God! Speak of Him, but certainly avoid Isis and Osiris, and even Apis! All of that is and forever will be as nothing!’

185,12. After all this the proconsul said to me: ‘As you now can see for yourself, you have been supplied with everything with the help of the Almighty! I will leave you now, but tomorrow at the crack of dawn I will be with you again. I will then give you the appropriate lessons here in the great, open-air temple of the Almighty! What you have learned from me you shall also pass on to your companions! Farewell, and may the Almighty protect you!’

185,13. With these words he returned to the city. He must have already enjoyed great respect from the Egyptian people as whenever people met him, they bowed down to the ground before him. However he pretended not to notice any of the deference shown to him, quickly taking his leave as if deep in thought.

185,14. When the sun had set, many sightseers came out from the city but none of them dared to come closer than twenty paces from the edge of the infamous snake field. Some called to us to leave as we would otherwise inevitably suffer the greatest harm. However, the guard pushed the curious people back and explained to them that there was no longer any danger as our secret powers had served to cause all the poisonous vermin to swim across the Nile.

185,15. Afterwards the inquisitive ones went away and we tended our herds, which that evening rewarded us with so much of the best and most nutritious milk that we were quite unable to consume it all. We asked the guards if they too drank milk. They joyfully affirmed that they did and we gave them so much that they too were not able to finish it off. The vast quantity left over was poured into containers which we had brought with us, to make cheese.

185,16. For a whole year we have lived here and gleaned much knowledge from the good man, particularly regarding true cognition of the almighty Godhead. We were allowed to depart on the most amicable term after a year and we returned to our own land in high spirits.

185,17. Soon afterwards I had my visions and I immediately arranged for a caravan to travel to Memphis in order to inform the proconsul of what I had seen. He however already knew of you, most Exalted One, and pointed me in Your direction, described to me the best route to Alexandria and entrusted me with the name of an experienced sea captain, who duly brought us here. He also offered me a translator but I did not take him with me.

185,18. Now you know, most Exalted Man-among-Men, how I came by my small store of wisdom. Please now tell me unequivocally whether or not I am standing at the right spot or whether I have further to go! I am not able to delay my departure as the distance I must travel to my homeland is considerable.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-185 Chapter