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Chapter 186 - The black man asks for assurance about the sojourn of the Lord.

186,1. I say: “I already have told you that it is of little or no value to you, if I were to tell you: ‘I am the one!’ or: ‘I am not the one!’ That you must in establish for yourself in some way and you can do that quite easily since you are not lacking in spiritual qualities. Just consider what it is possible for mankind to do and what is impossible! Did nothing strike you as unusual? Did you not notice anything remarkable happening to you or to anyone else?”

186,2. The black man replies: “As I mentioned earlier, nothing particularly struck me – with the exception that when we came to this land we were immediately able to talk in your tongue. To speak frankly, however, when I first arrived here several things appeared to me to have a miraculous quality but the longer I stay here, the more natural you all seem to be.

186,3. The ability to speak the language is therefore the only happening which borders on the miraculous. However, as I said earlier, it can be a natural, even if inexplicable, consequence of the special character of this country. I have experienced something similar during my travels through the length and breadth of Egypt when I met with Romans and Greeks. They spoke in their own tongues but we understood them quite well and could even converse with them. The conversation did not flow as easily as it has here but that can be attributed to the character of a country, the quality of its air or the aura that surrounds it!

186,4. As fundamentally very simple people, we are much more receptive to all kinds of appearances and impressions. We can therefore see the souls of the dead, including those souls who, by their own admission, had never had a bodily presence. These natural souls can also be recognized from their ability suddenly to change their configuration and disperse themselves into all manner of smaller beings, then revert to human form - a phenomenon we have never observed with the souls of our dead brothers and sisters.

186,5. We asked the wise proconsul in Memphis if he had seen this with his own eyes, but he said: That is only an ability possessed by very simple, unsophisticated, natural folk, who do not even know the name of any artificial form of life. With him and the Egyptians it was said never to have happened. Now and then isolated cases crop up, but they are impossibly vague and inexplicable, while with us everything is defined, natural and therefore also more easily explained.

186,6. From that it can also readily be deduced how we can so quickly understand and speak a completely foreign tongue. If You, most exalted of men, just consider this point, Your outstanding mind will help you to realize that, during our short stay here, we have not seen anything unusual which would irrevocably lead us to conclude that we had without a shadow of a doubt already reached the place which I saw in my visions.

186,7. There are many background details which correspond with it: a fisherman’s house build on a mountain on the shores of a small inland sea; many men of high standing and appearance; in all seriousness, You too have much in common with the man, radiant beyond belief, that I joyfully saw seven times in my visions. However this resplendent presence used words to create His wishes; He spoke - and it came to pass! Heaven and earth were under His control and innumerable multitudes awaited a wave of His hand!

186,8. Most exalted man among men, that is surely not the case here! I found here in Your presence, just as I did two years ago with the proconsul in Memphis, many very good and wise people, - but up to now I have found nothing here that I expected to find and I therefore ask you, if I have came to the right place or not. If you say yes, I will believe you and I will stay here as your word is quite sufficient for me and you are in any case a very wise man. However, if you say no, or if you say nothing again, we will begin our journey back home and retrieve our herds, which we left behind in exchange for gold and silver in Memphis when we consulted the wise proconsul. We will also repay the unused money which he loaned to us as he had no use for it at the time.

186,9. You can see, most exalted man among men, that I and all my companions - regardless of the fact that our flesh is not adorned with white skin - are neither false nor deceitful; we are all searching for absolute truth which is of supreme importance to us. We live in hope of finding it here, but if not, then somewhere else! Please therefore confirm we are at the right place and we will happily do anything you ask of us!”

186,10. I say to Raphael: “Go and give them a sign, so that they can know where they are!”

186,11. Raphael immediately goes to the black man (Oubratouvishar) and says: “My friend, what is it that you left behind at home, which you wished to return and fetch when you were in Memphis? You wished to give it to the proconsul as a special present as thanks for all the trouble he had taken with you. It had therefore been wrapped in fresh linen, but in your haste to depart you forgot it was lying in a corner of your hut, where it now remains. If you wish, I will bring it to you in an instant! Speak up - and your wish will be granted!”

186,12. The black man says: “No need to convince me that I have reached the right place - because the fact that you have told me what I left at home, tells me that I am at the right spot as only God’s all-seeing eye could perceive my forgetfulness - you would however do me a great service as on my way home I wish to make the proconsul very happy because he delights in rare natural phenomena! The thing can at best only have a sentimental value and not a monetary one! Nevertheless, it is very beautiful!”

186,13. At this moment Raphael gives the beautiful natural specimen, wrapped in a linen cloth, to our black-skinned friend and asks him if it is the right one.

186,14. When this happens the black man nearly faints and cries out: “Yes, this is it, this it is! How could you possibly have brought the jewel here as you did not leave my presence for a second?! Did you steal it from me as a young, courageous Egyptian in the service of the proconsul, in an incomprehensibly clever way? Did you in fact secretly follow us to my hut a year ago when we came home from Memphis and remember its hiding place?

186,15. Yes, but why am I asking all these stupid questions?! A few moments before our departure I was holding it in my hands, but while I loaded up my camel and called my herd together, I placed it in a corner of my hut and covered it with a pumpkin shell! In my preoccupation with herding the animals and loading the camel, I forgot the beautiful natural specimen. You could not have stolen it from me! You have obviously fetched; but - how, how, how is that possible for you, a man who is visibly flesh and blood?! To leave here and return was the work of a split second! This is an achievement that is only possible for a God! You are either a God yourself or one of His closest servants!”

186,16. Raphael replies: “Not the first, and certainly the second! However, when I collected your beautiful natural specimen, I forgot to bring the pumpkin shell you used to cover it! You should have that as well! - Look, here it is! Put your little jewel in it and reveal it to us; since there are many here who would like to see the treasure you have found again!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-186 Chapter