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Chapter 187 - The Nubians cognize the Lord.

187,1. Now the black people are completely disoriented by one surprise coming on top of another as this is something they prize very highly. They are pure, still completely unspoiled natural people and with their true mastery of nature even now, they are able to achieve so much purely by virtue of the intensity of their total belief and their will-power. This must appear to the already decadent people commonly found in this world as a great miracle and it would therefore be difficult to make any impression on these primitive souls by performing any other miracle for them. The healing of illness would be completely inappropriate as these true children of nature know no disease. Their old people always reach a great age and when they die they always just fall quietly and painlessly asleep.

187,2. Their children never die, because they were fathered in an ordered society and they came into this world fully mature and healthy through and through. Afterwards they were fed in a proper natural way and therefore no trace of disease could enter their bodies. If one were to cure any illness in their presence, one would first have to explain to them what an illness was and how it originated. However, in so doing one would have caused them more harm than good as knowledge of a sin and its consequences is almost as bad as having committed that sin already.

187,3. Somebody thought that reincarnation of a dead person might be quite effective. It would also mean nothing to these people! They view the death of the body as a great blessing from God to His people and would even consider transformation of this kind as a transgression against the ordinances of the supreme spirit of God, at least until I Myself am able to teach them a better interpretation. They would view the creation of a great storm with absolutely natural eyes in their very sensitive character as they themselves have always had a considerable influence over the natural spirits in air, water, earth and fire. However, a speed of movement which exceeds the speed of an arrow from one of their bows to an incomparable degree is a true miracle for these people. They consider a feat like that can only be performed by God and His highest servant spirits, never by weak mortals on this earth using their minds..

187,4. After the black people had recovered from their complete and utter amazement, their leader said to his companions: “Brothers! I and all you others have now witnessed a feat which can only be performed by God as even in our minds we can not move as quickly to our homeland and back again as this servant of God has in fetching this little jewel of mine! We are therefore at the right spot. We must display the greatest reverence and continue to worship Him in spirit as He sits there at the big table with an unimaginably divine and exalted expression on His face.

187,5. The words He will speak to us in His inexpressible mercy and grace, will from now on be our most holy commandment, which we will retain in our memories as securely as the clear image of our rocky homeland. In the same way our descendants will do this until the end of all the periods of time through which this earth still has pass! You recall the wise proconsul’s prophecy about the everlasting dignity of this supreme God in human guise! It is in fact true and of that we are now fully convinced! Because it is true and nothing more nor less than the truth, we also know what to do and observe in order to follow Him!

187,6. The journey here was long and difficult but even if it had been a thousand times further and a thousand times more difficult, it would not diminish in the slightest the magnificence of this incomprehensibly supreme blessing which we shall in all eternity never deserve! There He sits, the eternal, almighty Spirit in human form, He who made heaven and earth and everything that exists, merely by imposing His will and using His will-power creatively, just as the wise proconsul in Memphis explained to us in detail.

187,7. We are now standing before the true, everlasting God, who made us and has given us life. Every moment of our life is in His hands; if He wished, we would not exist any more. In short, only He is everything in all things and everything that exists is as nothing without Him! This is what my vision meant and what we were taught in Memphis. We must therefore accept it and believe it forever. - It now seems that the everlasting Lord and Master wishes to talk to us! Therefore be most attentive, as if we were on a highly dangerous lion hunt, as that was the comparison given to us by the proconsul in Memphis!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-187 Chapter