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Chapter 188 - On excessive humility.

188,1. After the black leader had finished his very worthy speech to his companions, I called him over and asked if he and his companions were hungry and thirsty. If so, what did they wish to have to eat and drink. The trip along the sea is of course exhausting and they surely need something. They should therefore speak up and they will be served immediately!

188,2. Oubratouvishar says: “Oh how gracious! You Who are everything in everything ask a miserable earthworm to tell You his needs, most exalted, eternal Spirit! However, the worm squirming in the dust before You is overcome with such reverence that it does not dare to utter one word in Your divine presence so that it does not say something inappropriate to You, everlastingly the Almighty One, which might displease You and cause You to look down on us with anger in Your eyes. From Egypt we still have a few full bags of dried figs and dates, also some bread, which should be sufficient for our short stay here if used in moderation! I therefore offer You with my heart full of gratitude and remorse, my pitiful, even meaningless, thanks for the exemplary benevolence You have shown to us!”

188,3. I say: “Yes, My friend, if you always come to Me with such immense and greatly unnecessary reverence, it will be even for Me nearly impossible to give you a beacon of light which you can take back to your homeland! You are incidentally not really honouring Me greatly if you portray yourself, apparently being included in My works, as a nonentity and value yourself as being inferior to a worm squirming in the dust of total oblivion! As a result of your low self-esteem before Me, your Creator, He, who created and formed you using His highest wisdom and love, is also seriously diminished!

188,4. Consider that if a person shows you a work of art which he has made, and you buy it from him for yourself because you like it - would you then be honouring that clever artist, if you praised his other works and above all the artist himself, while at the same time not being able to find enough scathing criticism to heap on the marvellous piece of art which you have bought, merely because it now belongs to you?

188,5. Consider also that this degree of humility in My presence is therefore not at all wise but ridiculous and foolish! If you regard yourself as too wretched and worthless, you are directing the easily understandable criticism into My face that I am a miserable bungler and that applies to the whole of My creation.

188,6. If you also recognize My value in a justifiable way within yourself and do not regard yourself as too infinitely small, wretched and bad to discuss this and that with Me, you are honouring Me in your mind and recognizing My divine excellence even on your own home ground. In that frame of mind, you can extract from My presence the true, living advancement which was the real reason for your journey to this place. By the way your exaggerated humility before Me is not a sinful action on your part directed towards Me as it has its origin in your inflexibly devout upbringing from childhood.

188,7. I trust you have now accepted my views on humility as, if you maintained your previous opinion, we would not get along with each other because you would suffer from your total unswervingly devout shyness towards Me. That condition would force you to leave this place as soon as possible as being too unbearably holy for your devout feelings. Back in Memphis and later at home you would chatter a great deal about what was for you the extraordinary nature of My unbearable holiness! This would be the only value which you took from this place for yourself, your people and your people’s descendants! Would you be content with that?

188,8. Certainly not! At some more enlightened moment in your life, you would have to ask yourself loudly: ‘Yes, what was all that about?! Did I really undertake such a long and difficult trip of my own volition, only to doubt the conclusions which I reached after my arrival which were totally based on a profound sense of reverence for someone? No, this was such an awesome delight and blessing, the like of which I do not wish to experience again for the rest of my life!’ This is what you will have gained by making the trip here!

188,9. Therefore it is also prudent to let common sense prevail a little and consider what is right and proper in every situation in life. You will then live a life filled with goodness and honesty and you will always find positive values to enhance your life. Abandon your excessive reverence for Me! Love Me as your Creator, Father, Master and Lord with all the strength in your life, love your brother like yourself and you will do more than enough! And if you wish to address Me, simply call Me Lord and Master, which is what I actually am, - everything else, however, has no relevance here!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-188 Chapter