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Chapter 19 - Zinka's opinion of the teaching of Jesus.

19,1. Zinka thinks a little at this point and says after a while: “Dear friend! Nothing can be said against such teaching, even if it is somewhat risky. If there is a God at all who cares about mortals even if only a little, then he is clearly of a divine nature! There have been in fact also other great wise men who have set out the principle, that pure love is the basic germ of all life, and that man should nurture love at the highest level, since it is only out of love that any salvation for man can blossom. However, they did not explain the pure essence of love. But love has as many good sides as bad sides, and in the end you do not know which side of love you should cherish in order to achieve salvation.

19,2. But here it is clear as sunlight, which kind of love man should cherish and make into his life principle. Therefore such teaching can not of course originate from any one human being, but only from God, and proves among other things, that God in fact exists. Now, now, I am very grateful to you, my dear, completely unfamiliar noble friend - even if you are a heathen – from the bottom of my heart, because you have done to me a great service as well as to my friends who did not fall on their heads! We all were more or less godless; but now it at least appears to me that we have found our missing God again, a fact which is very gratifying and pleasant for me.

19,3. John also went to a great deal of trouble to convince me of the existence of an eternal God; but he did not succeed in this. I knew how stand up to him properly, and he could not resolve my old doubts, and I have therefore retained these old doubts until this very moment. But suddenly all my doubts have come to an end!

19,4. Strange?! Yes, yes, it is so: If somebody does not find the right door in a garden maze, he will not reach the palace of the king who has build his permanent home some distance away in the middle of the maze. You have however shown me and opened the right door for me and it is then a simple task to enter quickly the palace of the mighty and eternal king.

19,5. Please be so kind and tell me also where you had the good fortune to meet with the great man! Surely he is not just a magician, but a being equipped with higher powers by God since this proves his truly divine teaching! Tell me then where you have spoken to him! I myself wish to go there and to hear the living words of salvation directly from his mouth.”

19,6. I say to him: “Just stay here; a short time after our present conversation you will find Him by yourself! It is also already a good hour after midday. Our good landlord Markus is also ready with the midday meal, and it will be served straight away but after the meal we will still find plenty of time to discuss all kind of topics. You remain at our table, while your twenty-nine companions can sit at the next one.”

19,7. Markus now serves the food. When the food was on the table, Zinka noticed the fact that while there were so many large tables being served by just a few people, they were all instantly fully laden with food and wine mugs.

19,8. He (Zinka) spoke to Ebahl who was sitting next to him, saying: “Friend, kindly tell me, how so many large tables could be instantly covered with such a mass of food by so few people! I am absolutely astonished by it! I am on the verge of pointing out that things are not happening very naturally around here! Does the old innkeeper employ beings from the spirit world who serve him secretly and who assist him with such tasks?”

19,9. Said Ebahl: “You might not have paid proper attention while quite you were deep in your conversation. During that time, without being specifically noticed by you yourself, all the tables could easily have been served with wine and food. I myself did not pay any attention to it but it surely would not have happened in any unnatural manner!”

19,10. Said Zinka: “Friend, believe me, no matter how deeply involved I am in any discussion, nothing will happen around me without me noticing and I know it very specifically that not one bread crumb was on any of the tables a few moments ago while now all the tables are bending under the load of food! Please permit me - any person with a heart and a mind would be permitted a question, particularly if he were a foreigner!? It does not now matter any more whether someone gives me an explanation or not. Nevertheless, I stand by my opinion, that things are not at all completely natural round here! Look at my twenty-nine travelling companions who are discussing exactly the same point among themselves. It is only all of you, who have probably eaten here quite a few times before, who are quite unaffected by these events, because you understand what is happening! But it does not matter, - in time I will realise the truth behind this secret!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-19 Chapter