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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-190 Chapter

Chapter 190 - Oubratouvishar's treasure.

190,1. At this point, Oubratouvishar unwrapped his jewel from the linen and placed it in front of Me, saying: “There it is, just as I found it among the rocks on a hillside. I was unable to do otherwise than pick it up and to keep it! Human hands had certainly never touched it before! It seems therefore to be pure, perhaps, we might say, a trick of nature. What is it, and what value might it have? I would never wish to give anyone a worthless present.”

190,2. I say to him: “This is a very valuable precious stone, in fact an immense cut diamond. It was nevertheless cut and polished by human hands at the time when the Persians made war on the Egyptians and on that occasion they penetrated as far as the Nubian desert. It was lost by a general when he was fighting a large number of hungry lions and panthers. You are therefore going to present the commander of Memphis with a worldly gift of enormous value because it is so extraordinarily rare.

190,3. Just consider that this stone has been cut and polished for a hundred and seventy years. It became a jewel in the crown of the kings of Persia, until finally one of the kings gifted it as a reward to one of his greatest generals. In fact that general lost it in the desert area bordering your country which was at that time overrun with lions and panthers. I have placed these animals there at that time as otherwise the then very warlike Persians would have discovered you and would have decimated your herds and flocks.

190,4. However, just as you were destined even to find, in your earthly life, a very valuable treasure which had lain among the rocks for several hundred years, you have also been chosen to find the most splendid and valuable treasure for your spirit and from that source, for your souls. You have searched and have found it in a most honourable way! Your black skin shall not be a burden to you and black will remain one of My most respected colours.

190,5. The gospel which I will now preach to you, will only be kept pure by you. You will become My apostolic forerunner to your black brothers and sisters! However, within a short time I will send you a helper to support you and guide you to a very rich region in your country. This man will teach you agriculture and other useful skills which are of great utility in life on this earth.

190,6. In this, to you still totally foreign, country, you will be a contented and happy nation and will preserve the purity of My word and My teachings. Woe betide those who will later try to seek to oppress you and subjugate you. Against them I Myself will raise my shining sword of vengeance and slay them to the last man! In consequence you black people will live in an isolated but spacious corner, always a free nation until the end of time.

190,7. However, if you should in future fall out among yourselves - which must remain a possibility if you are free men - the powerful ones among you will make themselves kings, will punish you with harsh laws bringing your golden freedom to an end for a long time or even for ever! Then your children will languish in great deprivation and long for redemption; but they will have a very long time to wait. Therefore organize yourself in such a way that no kings can arise among your people - except those who are like yourself! You are not a tyrant but a true benefactor in dealing with your people and that is decreed in my ordinances. This is therefore how matters should remain with you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-190 Chapter