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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-191 Chapter

Chapter 191 - The black people who traveled behind.

191,1. (The Lord:) “My name is Jesus from Nazareth, here on earth as a person, and Jehovah for eternity; but from now on Jesus shall be eternal. Using His name you will be able to do and to achieve everything not only in the short term, but for eternity!

191,2. Love Me as your God and Lord and Master above all and love each other as each of you loves himself. You will then remain in My love, in My strength and My power, and My light will never leave you!

191,3. However, if your love for Me and your poorer brothers and sisters should diminish, darkness will enter your hearts, and My strength and power in you will dissipate and become worthless! Even if you call out My name or wish something to happen in My name, it will no longer support you with My power and might as all the strength, all the power and all the successful deeds performed in My name can only subsist in love for Me and, through that love, for your neighbour!

191,4. My name alone achieves nothing - only the love within it, through it and for it and, in turn, for your neighbour! If a poor person approaches someone and begs for help, but this person says to him: ‘Go and earn for yourself!’, he certainly does not have My love and will not receive any power or strength!

191,5. Go now and inform your companions. Then come back and I Myself will continue with another gospel! So be it!”

191,6. Oubratouvishar bows down before Me and goes to his companions to tell them what I had told him. He was however utterly amazed to find that, instead of the twenty who had accompanied him, there were also thirty-four women seated at the tables. He of course recognized them immediately as neighbours and close relatives, and it is understandable that his first question was precisely: How and when did you follow me here?

191,7. The newcomers answered him: “Seeing and hearing for oneself is far better than to be told about miraculous events even if the description comes from the mouth of the most trustworthy eye and ear witness! We were always only half a day behind you!

191,8. We would not have undertaken this trip, had it not been for the arrival of an indescribably beautiful youth in shining white who came down to us from the skies and almost forced us to follow you. We gathered a herd of cows and bulls and a small flock of sheep and went with them to Memphis. There, the good proconsul and his people came to meet us some distance outside the city and he told us that he had received a message from a youth of similar description and that he had therefore hurried out to meet us.

191,9. The commander told us about you and in the meantime took good care of our animals, providing us in exchange with gold and silver pieces in a range of weights and values, so that we could use them wherever we went to buy all our food and other necessities. We thanked him and he gave us an escort to Alexandria who helped us on our way with all kinds of assistance. They also arranged for safe sea transport from Alexandria and we were transported here over the seemingly unending stretch of water.

191,10. When we came ashore, we found your clear footprints impressed into the sand and we followed your tracks. We were ultimately so close to you that we could clearly see the dust thrown up by your camels. It was only when you were hidden behind a forest and a mountain that you were no longer in our sight.

191,11. However the youth appeared again and brought us here in a manner that we are quite unable to describe. We can only say that we are astonished that we are here! How did we arrive here? We know nothing of the journey - except that it was like a very bad dream!

191,12. However, this most exalted person has instructed you to tell us something! What is it? Speak up! His appearance is very similar to the description you gave us of the image in your visions and that was the very reason why you and we have travelled to this place! Speak up, speak to us!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-191 Chapter