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Chapter 192 - On the nature of Isis and Osiris.

192,1. The leader says: “We, my brothers and sisters, believe that what you see before us undoubtedly exists because we have seen and heard everything with our own eyes and ears! All human wisdom, all our powers of comprehension and even pure, sober common sense, can not grasp that it can be possible even to imagine what is actually here.

192,2. You can not begin to suspect what is to be found here or imagine how it looks! After having my visions, I came close to picturing something immeasurably grand awaiting me but to conceive something so totally breathtaking and so inexpressibly infinite, was beyond even my wildest and most outlandish thinking and I did not dare to climb to such heights. Nevertheless it is so and it is there, unmistakeably, before our astonished eyes!

192,3. You recall that a year ago in Memphis, the proconsul and I loudly carried on our private discussion in front of you, despite the fact that he often expressed the opinion that it would suffice if I alone were to benefit by sharing his deep wisdom. I said however: ‘Look, my lord, these are my brothers and sisters! Not one of them is inferior to me. Therefore, my lord, please do not keep secrets from them for my sake!’ After that, the proconsul always spoke out loudly and clearly.

192,4. When about six months later he took us to Kar-nag in Korak to lift the fabled veil of Isis. More than half of your number were also there with me, seeing and hearing everything just as I did.

192,5. There we saw two strange portraits – the first was of I-sis (the source of sustenance in primordial life), concealed behind a thick veil with next to her the image of Osiris (Ou sir iez; the pasture of the pure, spiritual person).

192,6. The first picture showed a colossal woman, her chest covered with many breasts and it was also said that at times a cow was depicted instead of the woman’s image we saw.

192,7. The second picture of Ou sir iez represented a strange being. A man was standing on an extensive, rich pasture, surrounded by many herds eagerly grazing. This strange man was surrounded by a variety of fruit trees and he looked as if he was eating.

192,8. Through these two images the Egyptians depicted, as you yourselves have heard from the mouth of our wise mentor, firstly the primordial origin of the veiled God-being which is the creative one and which nourishes and sustains all creation – while, in the second visible picture, everything that has been created and lives and consumes in all creation is shown.

192,9. The proconsul then began to explain to us all using profound words of wisdom, his concept of a sole, everlasting, primordially creative God, and we recognized that there must be an almighty, supreme, exceedingly wise primordial being, which is the source from which all creatures throughout the whole scope of everlasting infinity have originated and by which they are now constantly nourished and sustained.

192,10. This primordial God-being can not be seen or understood by anybody in any way as it fills the whole of infinity and is secretly present everywhere in space as well as in time. That was the reason why the portrait of I-sis was always veiled. Nobody was able or allowed to lift the heavy veil from the image of I-sis except the high priest at certain especially holy times - even he could only raise the lowest hemline in front of the people.

192,11. At that time you obtained an immense respect for the primordial Godhead, and I myself was no less influenced. On the way from Kar nag (not naked, therefore fully dressed and veiled) to Ko rak (humble like a crab) we spoke about nothing else except the primordial Godhead, and stopping at every tree our mentor explained to us that the inner being is also shielded from everyone’s eyes, like the veiled image of I-sis. Our amazement and reverence increased with every step taken by the camels on which we rode.

192,12. In every aspect of nature we began to see the enigmatic image of the shrouded and veiled I-sis, and the proconsul took great pleasure in being with us, his black disciples. From Kar nag onwards we looked at everything in nature with completely different eyes than we had before.

192,13. Which marvellous, profound conversations took place afterwards in our company and with what reverence all our minds were filled when, in our leisure time, we directed our thoughts and our words to the one, eternal primordial Godhead! How often we talked with the good, wise proconsul from Memphis about the unspeakable feeling of bliss we would have if only it were in some way possible just to hear a single word from the supreme Godhead - even if it were only heard very softly but still quite distinctly - in one’s heart!”

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