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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-194 Chapter

Chapter 194 - Oubratouvishar shows his people the personal God in Jesus.

194,1. (Oubratouvishar:) “I only had the visions back home in our hot country! I described them to you as faithfully as I received them apparently with the blessing of the supreme spirit. You were all very joyful and your happiness made you jump up and down like young lambs in a meadow. Despite your happiness and good spirits you nevertheless envied me in your hearts in an honourable way, because the desire was gaining strength in your minds that you would also like to have these visions. When I started the trip here with some twenty companions after I had received secret instructions seven times, you could not rest at home for longer than half a day without me. You set out in pursuit and miraculously caught up with me here.

194,2. Now we are at the holy place indicated in my visions, we have infinitely more than Memphis, Karnag at Korag and the greatest temple in the world Ja bu sim bil, infinitely more than the mysterious I-sis image! Look at the large table! In the centre of it, dressed in rose red clothes and a blue pleated coat, with a profusion of golden blond hair flowing over his shoulders, there sits in the flesh not only the most supreme divinely spiritual being, but also the supreme Godhead - the most splendid living image of I-sis unveiled!

194,3. When the proconsul imposed the obligation to love the infinite Godhead on our hearts, we felt that the small heart of a human being is completely incapable of such love We thought and said so at the time, that we could love an individual imbued with the fullness of the spirit of God above all things. However, too infinite a divinity, an infinity permeated by the spirit of God, could not be loved as it was something incomprehensible, unless that love for this infinite Godhead were to be generated by miraculously overwhelming our insignificant, inconsequential humanity with infinite primordial divine omnipotence.

194,4. We were greatly uplifted by our mentor saying that Moisez finally saw the back of the primordial eternal Godhead, even although his face then shone so brightly for seven years because of the indescribable intensity of His light, so fierce that no man could look at him without going blind and that as a result the wise man was compelled during that long time to cover his face with a veil of triple thickness. To hear this story from the commander was most uplifting as we then began to imagine the possibility of a personal God! We began to love the supreme Godhead and it was as a result of our love that I unfailingly received the seven visions inviting me to come, without which we would never have made the trip.

194,5. We now have the supreme Godhead here in person in our midst, and He instructs us to do nothing to perfect ourselves except to love Him above all and to love each other as each one of us necessarily loves himself!

194,6. What do you say to all this, my dear brothers and sisters? What are you feeling now and what thoughts are exercising your hearts? Speak up now and worship the most holy, eternal primordial spirit, this God that, until now, no mortal could envisage! Speak up! What are you thinking and feeling right now? What is now going on in your minds?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-194 Chapter