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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-195 Chapter

Chapter 195 - The just doubts of the black people about the divinity of the Lord.

195,1. His black companions who were still capable of speech even if they spoke in very astonished voices replied to him: “How is this at all possible? This quite simple, unpretentious man should be accepted as the bearer of the supreme Godhead? What irrefutable proof do you have for this assertion? Do you not know that one has to be very much on one’s guard to avoid adopting gloomy, superstitious idolatry, as that ultimately can be worse than a thousand veiled images of I-sis?! If your conviction was finally proved to be wrong just think of the dangers and detours which we would experience! Think of the extremely impressive concepts which we received form the mouth of the wise proconsul in Memphis, more specifically in the great rock temple, as he portrayed the primordial Godhead - and we are to believe all these attributes are united and concealed in this one man?! With God everything is of course possible but here we do not perceive the slightest glimmer of probability! What sustainable proof do you have?

195,2. Yes, if it were to be so, as you have now told us in your own words which we have always found to be very truthful, then we would of course have found the Almighty One, our lives would have reached the most exalted peak, itself in its primordial form, and there would be nothing left for us to seek and search for! A man who has found himself and God and the primordial reason for all creation has found everything and has achieved the holiest and most blessed goal in all its glory, just as the proconsul showed us!

195,3. However, the fact that we have found all this here, must be clearly shown to us and proved with pertinent and highly tangible evidence, as otherwise both you and we ourselves could, as we remarked earlier, be guilty of committing grievous errors by being excessively gullible and this was, above all, a trap that our mentor warned us against!

195,4. Look at the infinity large firmament with its profusion of countless stars, which according to the arcane teaching of the proconsul are immense worlds and only appear to be so small as they are so immeasurably far away! Look at this our exceedingly large earth and everything on it that lives, exists, stirs and moves! Look at the sea, the mighty Nile, the sand, the grass, all the countless bushes and trees and all the animals in the water, on earth and in the air! Look at the clouds in heaven and their power sources, the moon and the sun! Can you objectively and rationally reach the conclusion, that this otherwise clearly very wise person can oversee, maintain, direct and guide the whole of everlasting infinity in all its guises from the largest to the smallest, based here on this strip of earth scarcely the width of a man’s hand? Yes, he can even perform miracles for us, as a person who is very familiar with the secret forces of nature and we have seen several of them in Cairo and Alexandria. However, what is all of that measured in terms of everlasting infinity and the innumerable beings and things which it contains – some of them completely unknown?!

195,5. Consider the profound words spoken by the proconsul and how he solemnly warned us against these venal illusionists and magicians as he called them! A person who can link his magic art to otherwise quite conventional wisdom, as our mentor said, could, with the utmost ease, become a ruler over the people of this earth and finally a God. Up to now, this person appears to us to be richly endowed with a suitable talent for it! That therefore means we have to be especially careful and demand evidence, which is pertinent in every way and capable of shedding the necessary light on the important matter before us! The more holy and more important a subject is or appears to become, the more scrupulously we must remove any frivolous aspect when we consider the matter!

195,6. If the subject matter were to be the removal of a small stone which is littering the footpath, it is not necessary to have a special meeting to consider how this stone should be removed. The next person is the best one to pick it up and throw it away to a place where it will not bother anyone else. It is however a completely different matter if a mighty boulder rolls down a mountain and blocks a narrow path and therefore separates people from people, neighbours from neighbours, parents from their children, brothers from brothers and sisters from sisters! Then the whole community will meet to discuss what should be done as the path must again be made passable! Here, however, there is a case which greatly concerns the most important moment of our lives and we have all undertaken this very long and extremely difficult journey to be here!

195,7. If we have reached the right spot according to your visions, we have won hands down as the appropriate evidence will show. However, if we are far away from that spot, we must either return home empty-handed or continue with our journey when we have paid the good innkeeper for what we have consumed. Tell us frankly if you have any tangible proof available to you to substantiate your judgment regarding this person? Where is your proof!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-195 Chapter