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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-196 Chapter

Chapter 196 - Oubratouvishar tries to convince his fellow countrymen of the divinity of Jesus.

196,1. Oubratouvishar says: “Do you think that I am more gullible than you are? That is your first cardinal mistake about me! Have you not seen the evidence which this extremely handsome youth, clearly a spirit from Heaven, has provided to dispel all my doubts after he received an almost imperceptible sign from the Lord?”

196,2. The twenty people say: “We saw all kind of things and also listened now and again to one or two words but we were unable to work out their meaning and even less to relate them to anything else as this table is too far away from the main table!”

196,3. The new arrivals say: “We indeed arrived in a somewhat miraculous manner at this second table which was unoccupied when you bowed down humbly before this Lord. You then came back to us and we therefore could not possibly know anything about your conversation with this handsome youth! Please therefore tell us what you know and what you have seen. We will than immediately understand and give you our views”

196,4. Their leader says: “Very well then - listen to me once more: All of you know about my earlier discovery in a ditch full of rocks. I wished to bring it along when we departed and give it to the proconsul in Memphis as a very acceptable present However, when we left I forgot about it completely and only remembered it later.My treasure trove was therefore left in a corner of my hut, wrapped in linen and covered by a pumpkin shell. When I demanded the same proof which you are now demanding from me, this handsome youth reminded me about the find which I had forgotten at home and described to me exactly where and when I found the beautiful stone. He also told me where I had hidden it in my hut and even named the man to whom I wished to give it as a present.

196,5. Friends and dear brothers! That reminder certainly struck me as most strange and I was extremely surprised! How could this youth possibly know about my secret, lying so far away from here and hidden in the farthest corner of my home?

196,6. Friends and brothers, it would require more than all the wisdom of mankind to fathom the answer! For me that would already have been sufficient proof as I am well able to understand what a human being can know if endowed with deep fundamental wisdom! However the youth, after receiving a sign from the Lord at the table there, did not leave it at that. He asked me if I would like him to bring this treasure trove here from my hut in Nouabia! This suggestion came to me as a most unexpected surprise and I accepted the handsome young man’s proposal.

196,7. You would now assume that the youth would have required me to wait for a while? Oh no, certainly not! At the same moment he handed me firstly the jewel and immediately afterwards the same pumpkin shell which had concealed the beautiful gem in the farthest corner of my hut. Finally he gave me a detailed explanation of the origin of the jewel!

196,8. In order to ensure that you do not think me, or even accuse me of being, gullible, please look at this stone and its pumpkin shell and tell me if they are not the same ones I showed you all in my home! My man-servant here knows where I kept it in my hut! What do you say now? Is even the most famous magician in Cairo capable of this? (Kahi roug = the horn of one of the biggest bulls in this region, which was regarded as holy) - I have finished speaking and now it is your turn again!”

196,9. All of them now say: “If so, and none of us has any doubt, then ‘All hail!’ to us as in this place the most unbelievable fantasy has become the most inspiring and illuminating truth! May good fortune attend us and our country and all those who are waiting at home for us with longing in their hearts. For them too everything will soon be as bright as sunshine even under their black skins!

196,10. Now tell us, however, whether you can explain to yourself, how this person can be at the same time the supreme Godhead, encompassing the whole of infinity, and at the same time the One who controls, guides, maintains and nourishes everything everywhere in an almighty and powerful way. Where within Him is there room for such eternal unlimited wisdom and such almighty will-power?! Here He is, just like us, a man with limitations, and there He is the most almighty unconstrained power, effective throughout infinity and possessed of supreme insight and wisdom. Not only here but at all the innumerable spots on this whole earth, even in the most profound depths of infinite creation, He is equally able to see, to know, to feel, to calculate and to act with everlasting strength and power which never weakens?! Do you really understand this unimaginable possibility?”

196,11. Their leader says: “I certainly do not grasp this fully. However I also do not understand, just like you, how this youth here could have brought the forgotten jewel in the twinkling of an eye! Let us therefore remain patient and very humble with our true love for this unique One and we shall all receive greater enlightenment!”

196,12. With that all of them are content for the time being. They are deep in thought in anticipation of events to come.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-196 Chapter