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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-197 Chapter

Chapter 197 - The spiritual advantages and disadvantages of the moors.

197,1. Cyrenius says to Me: “Lord, I would not have expected to find so much wisdom and perfectly clear understanding in these Moors. I am really surprised by their depth of knowledge and their amazing experiences! The proconsul in Memphis, by name Justus Platonicus, is known to me to be a very wise man. However, the fact that he is also familiar with all the old Egyptian mysteries, I certainly did not know!

197,2. I am aware that he always was a committed follower of Plato. As the son of a highly regarded house in Rome and rich as Croesus, even in his youth he was well acquainted with the Greek and Egyptian philosophers and he made Egypt the high point of all his studies. Ten years he spent in that land of ancient wisdom and immersed himself in every aspect. He took with him a document signed by my brother, Caesar Augustus, requiring the people to reveal to him all their arcane mysteries from the beginning of time to the present day. This is how he came by his current level of wisdom. As a result, because he was so thoroughly knowledgeable in all Egyptian affairs, Augustus then appointed him as more a civil than a military commander over Memphis in upper Egypt. There are some military men in Memphis under the command of Justus Platonicus, but he is not their general.

197,3. The fact that he is a considerable man of learning, I knew of course but that he has now also become a seer and even an established priest, I was quite unaware of! From now on I will have to think even more highly of him, as the trouble he took in his dealings with the Moors has earned my deep respect. He would be extremely happy if he were able to be here! What is Your opinion of my friend Justus Platonicus? How does he, as a heathen, as I am, relate to the Kingdom of God on earth?”

197,4. I say: “Why do you ask this question? Justus is a man after My own heart as he loves God above all and his neighbour more than himself. Anyone who does this has already entered My kingdom, whether he is a Jew or a heathen! I say to you that I would be more comfortable in my dealings with him than with all of you people – even though you are of course also held in high esteem by Me! However, to keep My word safe, nobody is better qualified than these black people as a doctrine that they have properly understood remains as pure and unchanging as a cut diamond. Everyone can rely on the fact that My teachings will, after two thousand years, retain that same purity which they had when they were received from My lips!

197,5. This type of black person has the unique ability of being able to maintain the fundamental purity of a teaching or a custom for a thousand years or more, keeping it as pure as it was when it was first received. They will not subtract anything from it or add anything to it. However, this is not to imply that they are more advanced than you white people, but is rather an indication that, as descendants of Cain, they stand on a lower plane. It is therefore very difficult for them to become children of God, as they are purely planet-based people who belong to this earth. They are pure earthly creatures, endowed with common sense, understanding and conscience but with a level of free will which is of inferior quality to that found in you white people.

197,6. However, the lower level of free will which they do possess is much more resolute than your totally free will! What black people want, they accomplish, even if they have to move mountains! During the rest of this day, they will provide us with some evidence to prove their resolute will-power and this proof will amaze you! However, the fact that they in all their activity or even in their inactivity they are more unchangeable than the descendants of Seth, is already evident from their appearance.

197,7. Look how the leader is apparently the oldest among them, and his disciple is a good twenty-eight years younger than he is! Consider the two of them and decide whether or not, judging only by appearances, one of them looks at most a year older than the other – it is more true that they resemble each other like twin brothers! It will be very difficult for you to judge their ages. The same comment applies to their natural strength and high spirits. A seventy- year old will jump in competition with a youth of seventeen for a bet!

197,8. You white people are often ill, and your skin is subject to all kind of diseases; their bodies, however, as long as they only consume their natural foods, do not suffer any illnesses. Most of them die weakened by old age. However in the same way that their outward physical appearance remains unchanged by comparison with yours, the character of their inner soul is completely different from yours and many times more resolute. Nevertheless, with regard to the full development of their spirit, they will make much less progress than you, because they are nearly always completely lacking in flexibility in exercising will-power. This failing can also be influenced somewhat but it always requires a very serious approach to achieve progress, as well as much hard work and patience.

197,9. However, the excellent quality of the soul and the spirit within it, does not stem from the positive, more animal-like inflexibility of their will-power, but rather from the soul’s ready ability to understand, enabling it to recognise and quickly grasp the light which emanates from the truth. This equally applies to greater flexibility in will-power in that the soul sees truth and good, grasps them quickly in the mind and turns them into deeds as without that ability no cognition would be of any value to a soul.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-197 Chapter