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Chapter 198 - The diversity of the climate and the races on earth.

198,1. (The Lord:) “Consider how from now on these people will come into countries occupied by enlightened and educated nations and will see the agriculture, the wine-making culture and the large cities with their very beautiful palaces! If however you were to visit them again after a thousand or even two thousand years had passed, they would still be living in the same huts, unable to build proper houses made of wood, far less of brick.

198,2. We do not wish to dispute their right to do so, as they can quite easily learn the builders’ skills. They will however lack the readily flexible spirit of enterprise, which is essential for man to be capable of completing any task!

198,3. Therefore the trip here was for them one of the most monumental undertakings while for you it would only have been child’s play! It is certainly quite a distance and this country’s hot climate makes travelling very difficult. However these men have a physical constitution which is such that temperatures can reach high levels before they really begin to feel the heat. Their circulation is much more sluggish and their blood contains very little iron. This makes their blood thicker and more glutinous than that of white people and a great deal more heat is required to make it properly liquid.

198,4. In a severe winter, as in the northern regions of our Ouran, these people would cut extremely sad figures. In their first winter their skin would burst as their blood would be too thick to flow properly to the extremities of their bodies. This would in turn lead to blood clots and the increased pressure in blood-vessels would cause them to rupture, with subsequent bleeding and considerable pain as the results. However heat which is nearly enough to make a black stone begin to glow, does not affect them too much. On the contrary, however, if a real northern Scythian were to go to Nouabia, particularly in high summer, he would collapse within a few days and be dead very quickly.

198,5. Now of course you think to yourselves and say in your hearts: ‘Must there be so many variations in temperature on our earth? Is it not possible for it to be equally cold or warm everywhere?’ If you had then been as familiar with the necessary spherical shape of the earth as you are now – even though you were taught by Me about the configuration of the earth when I was a tender child - you would certainly not have thought up this question!

198,6. Different temperatures are the inevitable result of the spherical shape of the earth. Its round shape is, however, necessary, because with any other configuration the light of the sun could not possibly be distributed as effectively as it is onto a sphere. The earth would have to be illuminated by three suns - one above each of the poles and one over the equator! However, first of all who could then endure the heat on the earth’s surface and what would happen to the night which reinvigorates every creature. Secondly, what would happen to the movement of the earth, if it were to be subjected to equally powerful opposing forces as it was attracted by three identical suns?

198,7. I have explained to you and many others, how large the sun is and must be, and how small the earth is by comparison! The earth must orbit the sun at the correct distance and speed as otherwise it would collide with it or, if the earth’s speed were to be excessive, it would fly away into infinity. In the first instance the earth would be disintegrated almost instantaneously by the extreme intensity of the light in the sun’s outer atmosphere. It would revert to its primordial state or into the primordial spirits imprisoned in its materiality. Alternatively, it would freeze to an impenetrably hard ball of ice! In either case it is unthinkable to imagine that any life on earth could survive in the flesh on its pastures!

198,8. From this you can see how, in accordance with My ordinances, one requirement leads to another and that, as a result, it is impossible on this earth for there to be a constant temperature from pole to pole. On the other hand, it is still obligatory to ensure that every corner of the earth can be populated if at all possible so that every soul escaping from the primordial creatures can enter a body which is compatible to its nature. What alternative is there to physically locating people of a type adapted to life in the hotter regions of the earth, because their constitutions are adapted to a hot climate and, at the same time, populating colder climates with humans whose genetic characteristics can enable them to live there and cultivate the soil to some degree in these still cold regions.

198,9. Even if you can only grasp this to a limited extent, you will understand why in the heat of Central Africa the peoples whose characters have previously been described had to be black-skinned and had to have a very special attitude of mind. - Tell Me if this is clear and that you have understood Me well!”

198,10. Cyrenius says: “My Lord, my mind is now completely clear with regard to this very salutary lesson as I can now see that everything in Your world order is most wise and most effective and must remain precisely as it is and can never be altered! Therefore to You alone, My God and My Lord, all honour, all love and all praise because the entire earth and all of the heavens are filled with Your love and wisdom!

198,11. However, My Lord what are your further intentions regarding the black people? To me, something still seems to worry them as I have noted from their very thoughtful expressions.

198,12. Their leader has introduced Your Godhead to them in a truly convincing manner and the story about the arrival of the huge diamond initially puzzled them but now they are directing all kinds of probing questions at him. One who turned around a few times to look at us has just asked his leader, if he did not secretly bring the diamond and pumpkin shell along himself, so as to create the illusion of an apparent miracle. What will these black men still come up with! They will have to be convinced by an even bigger miracle! The good leader seems to have his hands full in dealing with them, as I see the situation!”

198,13. I say: “Just have a little more patience until they have begun to become really agitated.. It is only then that we will come to the leader’s aid as with this type of human being everything makes slower progress than with us! In addition, they have now for the first time partaken of completely foreign food, including their first taste of wine and that will initially make them even slower on the uptake than before. But it is fortunate that it is like that as otherwise it would not be so easy to convince them about something which greatly conflicts with the concepts of God which they absorbed in Memphis.

198,14. It is impossible for them to accommodate the infinity of God and My personality under one roof. Once they are properly in a ferment they will quite easily and readily accept it! Meanwhile, however, their leader is busy with them refuting their suspicions about his deceptive miracle and that is also right and proper since anyone who idly voices an unwarranted suspicion about a true miracle, should also be chastised appropriately with the rod! The more these black people are now punished and humiliated by his words, the more easily they will be convinced and will then remain with us for ever!”

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