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Chapter 200 - Raphael convinces the moors of the divinity of the Lord.

200,1. Then I call the angel and say to him in a loud voice to ensure that our table companions could hear: “Raphael, Oubratouvishar has now returned to the main topic with his companions and you can stop their quarrelling with one well-aimed blow! They are now well disposed to accept his view of Me and his intuition about Me, if he can prove to them that the stone really was brought by you from Nouabia to this place. Go and bring each one anything he wants from his hut and that will settle the whole dispute completely!

200,2. These resolute people, who are rather slow in their ability to comprehend, must be won over by a miracle, because mere words lack the requisite power of persuasion. They are also not greatly harmed by a miracle in the way that you and particularly some Jews may be because they, as people of nature, can perform noteworthy miracles themselves merely using their firm beliefs and their unbending will. This ability they of course regard as quite natural and we will be convinced of this later. A great miracle is regarded by them only as half a miracle and they can therefore be influenced by miracles without the risk of adverse effects. Go over to them! What you have to say and do is already in your mind.”

200,3. Now that these instructions are known to all of us present, the angel goes to the table where the black people are arguing in rather loud voices, somewhat enlivened by their enjoyment of the wine. Once there, he says in a penetrating loud voice: “Why are you making accusations against this man who is your closest friend and benefactor and to whom you owe everything that is good in your lives? Why are you charging him with wishing to deceive you and with forcibly imposing a fraudulent faith on you?! Why are you suspicious of the miracle which I performed as instructed by the Lord in order to convince him, as if I were some cheap crook enlisted by your leader to assist him to deceive you! What proofs do you require which will suffice to combat your addiction to doubt and therefore convince you? Must I fetch something here from your huts? Ask and I will do it!”

200,4. The angel’s emphatic words made them all fall silent and afraid what to do next.

200,5. The leader said however: “This is God’s way to defend me against your increasingly angry charges! Ask and be convinced as nothing else can cure your crass stupidity!”

200,6. Then the Moor who had doubted him most stood up and said: “In my hut I have a hidden treasure which nobody knows about except for me and my wife, who is here with me. Bring it here and I will believe you without question!”

200,7. The angel says: “How long should it take for me to fetch the treasure which you wrapped in linen and reeds and buried in a corner of your hut just before dawn two feet under in the sand? The exact spot is where a large palm tree stands outside the hut. It weighs about thirty pounds and it is an absolutely pure lump of gold. Tell me how long!”

200,8. At this the sceptic’s eyes opened wide and he said: “In heaven’s name, handsome youth, how could you possibly know this so precisely? Even your words have already dispelled my doubts and everything that our leader and elder said about that young man over there, suddenly becomes clear to me! All this makes this matter even more terrifying and strange! If it is indisputable that the full glory of the primordial everlasting spirit of God dwells in this Man, how can we survive in His presence! Our scepticism must have offended Him in the highest degree? Oh! We are all lost!”

200,9. The angel says: “Not in the least - you are all saved now! However, please decide the length of time I have to bring the treasure here to you!”

200,10. The sceptic says: “Oh, my fine friend – that is no longer necessary to dispel my doubts but if you wish to bring it here in a miraculous way, so be it! If it were to have a particular value for someone here, he can have it in exchange for some useful tools as it is of no further use to me anyway! It is beautiful and has facets which shine brightly in the sun. Also if you look at it very carefully, it is covered with all kinds of signs which are visible on its surface. Some of these are dark and have no lustre while others brightly reflect the sun. That was the intrinsic value for me of that rather large, very solid lump. If you, my fine handsome youth, wish to bring it here, no need to hurry or to exert yourself too much!”

200,11. The angel says: “Look at me! In the blink of an eye I will fetch your treasure; just tell me how many blinks I will require to go there and back again!”

200,12. The sceptic and his colleagues observe the angel with sharp eyes so that they can see when he will leave and when he will return to them.

200,13. The angel does not leave but just asks the sceptic: “Now, did you notice my absence?”

200,14. The sceptic says: “No; until now you have been standing like a rock on that one spot!”

200,15. The angel says: “Oh, by no means; just look down at your feet. Your treasure is lying there absolutely intact and in prime condition!”

200,16. The sceptic looks under the table and his easily recognizable treasure lies there at his feet in its original wrapping! The sceptic is so shocked by this that his normally red lips turn pale and he begins to tremble.

200,17. The faces of the others present also reveal their extreme shock at this discovery and call out: “In the name of the Lord and His mighty will! What is this; how can this be?! You, handsome youth, did not leave your place for the single moment! How is this possible?”

200,18. The angel says: “With God, everything is possible, and you can deduce from this how God, as the Lord, although He is present here in the flesh just like any other person, guides, rules and supports the whole of infinity with His supreme eternal will-power. You can also deduce that there can never ever be anything which is hidden from His all-seeing eyes and which He does not know about in every tiny detail!

200,19. The fact that the everlasting spirit of God came to earth in the flesh and that He Himself became a person, is principally the consequence of His exceedingly powerful love for you people on this earth and by implication also for the people of all the other innumerable worlds in the universe. This confirms his intention to be to be a tangible, visible and approachable God and Father with all His love for the eternity of time! As He, as God, is symbolic of the most powerful, most pure love, no man or angel can approach Him in any other way, except through love.

200,20. If you wish to come to Him, you must first love Him above all things; then love your neighbours as true brothers and true-hearted sisters. Without that love any sincere approach to Him is as good as completely impossible! But now, my frightened hare, pick up your treasure, place it on the table and look at it carefully to ensure that it is the right one!”

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