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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-201 Chapter

Chapter 201 - The moor and Oubratouvishar hand over their treasures to Cyrenius.

201,1. At this, the Moor, having recovered a little from his initial shock, bends down and lifts the heavy lump onto the table, removes the reeds and the linen and in a moment the lump of gold is displayed in its naked glory on the table and many people go over to inspect the rich treasure. Even our Judas Iscariot could not contain his curiosity. He looked at the treasure and was secretly full of regret that he was not its owner.

201,2. When the treasure had been looked at and admired sufficiently, the Moor asked the angel who in their company would be most worthy to receive this gold as a present, because he had no wish to carry it all the way back home.

201,3. The angel pointed to Cyrenius and said: “Look over there to the right of the Lord where the senior governor from Rome is seated! He is in charge of Asia and a large part of Africa; the whole of Egypt is under his control and therefore also the proconsul in Memphis! Give him this treasure! You, Oubratouvishar, would also be better advised to hand over your jewel to this top official from Rome rather than give it to the proconsul in Memphis, who will value this kind of treasure very little or even not at all! – Of course, this is only my advice, and you can do as you please!”

201,4. The leader replies: “Your wise advice is already an order to me. I would carry it through at the cost of my life as you are obliged to give me the wisest and best advice!”

201,5. They both then rise - the sceptic with the gold and the leader with his large diamond - and go to Cyrenius.

201,6. When they reach him the leader says: “Earlier I did not know who you are. I also did not ask about anyone else except the Lord, as I thought to myself: ‘Only one can be the Lord and Master and all the others are his servants and attendants!’ Now this blindingly white miracle-working youth tells me that you are a great lord and a ruler in this world. I and my colleague here have therefore freely decided to take the wise advice given by this handsome youth and give you these miraculously delivered treasures for you to dispose of as you will., In return, nevertheless, you might be able to give us some essential, practical tools, so that we can also equip our homes to produce your tasty bread for ourselves.

201,7. Our chopping and cutting tools are poor and blunt easily as they are made of wood and animal bones. In Memphis we heard about all manner of cutting tools, which even stones do not easily blunt - these tools would be of more value to us than our shining yellow metal, which is soft and useless! - Therefore, be so kind as to accept these two pieces!”

201,8. Cyrenius says: “Good, my friends, I accept these two extremely valuable articles from you; however not for myself, but on behalf of the impoverished people of Galilee, who are already considerably in arrears with Rome regarding their taxes! These two pieces will cover Rome’s entitlement to taxes from that country in advance for at least ten consecutive years and Galilee will be able to recover the lost ground in its economy during that time.

201,9. When you return home, I will ensure that a fair quantity of all manner of very necessary and practical tools and appliances will be given to you, and if you were to place yourselves voluntarily under Roman protection, you would from year to year be provided with a new supply of these! Otherwise you will be obliged to obtain them every year in Memphis, naturally by trading in your precious metals!”

201,10. The leader says: “To reach a decision on that point we have to convene a general assembly of the people and this is always a difficult matter for us as our country is very large. Our people live all over it sometimes in places which are quite hard to reach and it is therefore very difficult to call a national council. The better plan will be that from time to time we should arrange to collect our most pressing needs from Memphis.

201,11. Your Roman laws are said to be quite good but they would not however suit our land and our people. The proconsul in Memphis has already made us the same offer but we were not able to agree to iy just as we can not now accept your proposal. Even if you could reach our country it would be of little value to you! You would wander around in the glowing heat of the desert and perish in your hundreds without finding any people - only hundreds of packs of lions, panthers and tigers who would rip you to pieces. That apart, you would not survive the onslaught of the snakes and vipers!”

201,12. Cyrenius says: “How then do you get by among so many ferocious beasts? Do they seriously not threaten you?”

201,13. The leader replies: “A short time ago you heard from the mouth of the youth and from the supremely holy mouth of the Lord Himself, how we were created! How can you ask me to tell you more than that? The Lord Himself made His comments about us and we ourselves know nothing of ways and means or reasons why! I therefore ask you to spare me this kind of question as my answers would not be of any value to you!”

201,14. Then the two of them bowed deeply to us and returned immediately to their companions to tell them everything they had discussed with Me.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-201 Chapter