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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-205 Chapter

Chapter 205 - The division of time on the fifth pearl.

205,1. (Raphael:) “Just pay attention; here is the fifth pearl! I have already shown you how these ancient relics should be handled and how they should be removed from their crust. I therefore intend to reveal the last three pearls just by using my will power. Look! - The fifth pearl is already revealed to us!

205,2. Look here at the zodiac of Diathira as it is engraved on the pearl’s most polished and most expansive surface! There is a colossal temple; 365 massively dimensioned columns carry an equally massive arch of reddish granite ashlars, constructed most skilfully with great precision and very strongly in accordance with the best building practice. The highest point on the arch is at a height equivalent to sixty-six men. The whole arch has exactly 365 apertures, which are so precisely positioned that during a period of dominance of any one constellation where the sun is present that its light falls precisely at the mid-day onto the centre line of a column standing vertically in the centre of the temple. The light coming through the other apertures also fell onto the altar at different times during the day, but it did not pass cut the centre line, being one or more degrees to one side or the other.

205,3. This most meaningfully constructed arch still stands, although somewhat ravaged by the tooth of time. It will stand for a long time yet and serve astronomers with its guidelines.

205,4. You ask: What actual use did the great Shivinz have in mind when he built this arch with the utmost precision in the world? – Previously there had been no system for keeping time. The small difference in shorter or longer days was hardly noticed. The moon was still the most reliable time keeper. In Diathira, the town where the workers became lethargic due to hard discipline, it was necessary to have a reliable time-keeping system both day and night. Our Shivinz made this arch for that purpose and to ensure an orderly way of life. It did, however, take him ten years and a hundred thousand workers to complete.

205,5. The arch was of course very wide and at intervals of every 30 or 31 round apertures the symbol of one of the twelve star signs was painted on it normally in red. Above each, the constellation was faithfully depicted at the top in white. You can see here on the pearl that the internal outline of the arch has been clearly and finely engraved then rubbed with a dark red colour. You can now just imagine what an energetically motivated spirit our Shivinz was and the unlimited respect the peoples of Egypt had for him! In consequence, he only had to make a signal and hundreds of thousands of people would begin to busy themselves. The most extraordinary work was then raised from the ground as if by magic!

205,6. The wise people in the nation he made into teachers and priests. He established schools everywhere to teach all manner of subjects which were useful to the people in their work and their ambitions. The supreme scholarship of divinity could, however, only be undertaken in Kar nag at Korak and finally, in secrecy, the ultimate test, at Ja bu sim bilt.”

205,7. Then the old innkeeper Marcus asked the angel, interrupting his explanation: “Dearest friend, while you are in full flow explaining your pearls, could you not also tell us the strange background to the Sphinx which, half woman and half animal, gave mankind on pain of life or death its famous riddle – namely, which animal is it that walks in the morning on all fours, at midday on two feet and in the evening on three? A man who could not solve the riddle was slain by the sphinx; while, on the other hand, someone who could solve it was allowed to kill the sphinx! - Is there any part of this that is in fact true or not?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-205 Chapter