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Chapter 209 - Cultivation of the mind and soul.

209,1. (Oubratouvishar:) “We observe a strict code of conduct in that we first of all refine our children’s character as much as possible and once that is in good order, the mind receives the education which we ourselves possess. But white people begin to educate a child’s mind as soon as it starts to prattle – they think that once the child has a perfectly educated mind, it will take care of its character as well!

209,2. Oh Lord, how foolish many white people are in this regard because they can not see that indoctrination of the mind always assassinates the character! The mind alone makes the child prone to fantasy and arrogance and where fantasy, conceit and arrogance have taken possession of someone’s character, it is a challenge for anyone to reverse the process as he will soon learn that an old, crooked tree can never be straight again.

209,3. With us there are no courts or court-houses, no prisons or dungeons, and also no laws other than those which a well-educated leader would prescribe for mankind. Therefore in our society there is no sin known to us, there is no crime which has a name and by the same token, no punishment either – just as every one of us thinks for himself, he also thinks in equal measure for his fellow-men, preferably even more considerately.

209,4. We have found exactly the opposite to be the case with white people who have developed minds. Nearly all of them keep everything close to the chest and consider their fellow-men only to the extent that they serve their own selfish needs. If a selfish person decides that the one or other of his fellows can not or will not be of any value to him, then any animal whatsoever is more important to him than his neighbour!

209,5. With us, however, we first of all value a person as a person. If one of my fellows can not be of service to me, I may still be of use to him - and that is the end of the matter. I also have a servant; but I have never forced him in any way to serve me; he does so out of his own completely free will. We serve each other certainly more than white people have ever served each other for in return for pitiful obligatory remuneration. However no person’s mind is enslaved by someone else by any extraneous means - what he does, he does freely and completely without coercion!

209,6. We therefore do not have any palaces or large walled dwellings, just very simple huts, all absolutely identical in appearance. A man who does not yet have a hut and can also not be accommodated in another hut, is not required to build himself a home with his own hands and resources. He does not have to go to another community as a beggar as we will voluntarily, out of our love and respect for him as an identical human being like us, build him a hut identical to our own. As a result, there is always peace and unity in our society in equal measure.

209,7. Our domestic arrangements are very strange to the white peoples, as we come to know them and some have blatantly said to our faces that this foolishness was detrimental to any cultural development. How is it then that all the animals and even the elements obey our collective will while white people with all their cultured minds would not dare to approach a pride of lions?! Woe to the most reckless warrior armed with a sword! He should just try - and it will only need one lion to show him that the lion is his master and not vice versa!

209,8. We however can walk among lions and panthers as we do among our camels, cattle, sheep and goats. We do not know of one case of a wild beast ever attacking a human or even our herds as they only taste their meat when animals in our quite large herds die of old age. With that in mind, each community has selected a specific, very remote place, to which they take one or more dead animals nearly every day. The predators with their sharp teeth immediately come to devour the corpses – skin, hair and bones. As none of us eat meat, except fish and chicken as long they are young and tender, the older ones are also left out as food for the wild animals.

209,9. What can a white person do with educated mind if he falls into the water? He just goes under and drowns! We, however, if it pleases us, can walk on the surface of the water as if on dry land. If one of us wishes to, he can also dive beneath the water’ surface but that will always cost him some effort and anxiety.

209,10. All snakes which are poisonous keep away from us. We only got to know about mice and grasshoppers in Egypt and predatory ants avoid us and our chickens, while the vultures and eagles feed on the flesh of dead lions, panthers and foxes.

209,11. It therefore seems that the same ordinance still exists regarding black peoples as it existed and had to exist among all peoples, irrespective of the colour of their skin, according to the will of the Creator from the primordial beginning of time. If the first human couple had been placed on this earth under the terms of the poor ordinance which now governs the current generation of white-skinned people, I would like to know how they could have protected themselves if attacked by all kinds of ferocious wild animals!

209,12. Before the first two humans set foot on this earth, there were all kinds of fierce and ferocious animals, as we were shown very clearly by the wise proconsul in Memphis. If the first humans, according to his teachings were to have been as weak in every aspect of their lives as the white-skinned people of today, how often would they have been torn apart and devoured by the numerous packs of untamed animals?! They would have to have landed on this earth from the air like the powerful giants who visited Egypt before Shivinz’ time and would have to have worn heavy armour and to have been equipped with the sharpest weapons if they wished to attack these naturally strong beasts - and even then they would have been hard pushed to fight the huge monsters successfully!

209,13. However, if the ancient people of this earth resembled us as we are now in all aspects of our lives, they would not of course need any weaponry as they were the masters and rulers of the animal and plant kingdoms and all the elements, just using their mindpower!

209,14. I therefore consider, because we are like that, that some of Your words regarding life addressed to us, will become deeply rooted in our lives! If You, Oh Lord, were to set down any laws or rules for us to live by, we would certainly observe them very strictly, as we know how to do, in order to preserve a way of life which we have recognized as good and true in a way that perhaps very few white people have.

209,15. As we have the extraordinary good fortune to be in Your presence, Oh Lord, You the Eternal One, You the Creator of all the spiritual and material worlds, which must the supreme miracle even to the most exalted of Your angels, we ask You through my mouth, but with one heart and with one completely united mind, to add to all the wondrous things we have seen in this very short time, the miracle that You will say a few words to us!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-209 Chapter