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Chapter 21 - The nature of thirst for knowledge. On right singing.

21,1. Secretly, Cyrenius asked Me, what should be done with this person.

21,2. But I said: “Quite a lot is still to be done! They will still become quite competent allies; but now they are much in need of a little rest, and that is why I let them fall into this apathetic attitude.

21,3. Believe Me! A soul which has once developed a thirst for higher knowledge, does not easily lapse into inactivity! With such a soul it is the same as with a betrothed young man, who loves his chosen maiden unto death. But the maiden, since she is a maiden but not a respectable virgin, accepts the love of her betrothed with a lighter heart and thinks to herself: ‘If it is not him, there are many others!’

21,4. But after a while the fiancé gets to know this and his heart grows sad. Full of annoyance and fury he takes the serious decision never again to think about the disloyal girl. However the more he tries to forget her, the more he thinks of her and secretly he wishes that all the bad things which he has heard about her from the mouths of strangers, would prove to be pure lies.

21,5. Finally he sees the maiden face to face in the company of someone else! Secretly he wants to explode with rage and tries with all his might to forget about the unfaithful girl but he is then tortured by extreme fiery thoughts alongside which no other healthy thoughts can survive. Day and night he finds neither rest nor sleep. He sighs and often cries bitterly and curses the unfaithful one.

21,6. Yes, why all this? Is it not true that he decided not to think about the unworthy woman any more?

21,7. During his torment a good friend comes to him and says: ‘Friend, you are doing your betrothed some injustice! You must see that with her apparent frivolity she only wished to test your love; since she knew and was obliged to know that she is only a poor spinster while you are surrounded by wealth. She hardly thought it possible that you might ever be able to take her as a proper wife; she regarded your promised love more than half as a foolish pose and thought to put you a little to the test, to see if you really love her as you say before giving you her hand! All too frequently, the poor spinsters have an unhappy experience and find out that rich young men, as you are, are only playing fast and loose with them. But your young woman has now realized that you are serious about her, and therefore loves you more than you could ever believe. Since she gave her love to you, she has not been disloyal to you in her heart. Now you know, blind jealous fool, where you stand with her! Do now what you wish to do!’

21,8. Do you think, Cyrenius, that the deeply wounded lover still does not want to see or hear anything from the poor but very beautiful maiden, as he had decided some time ago? O, by no means! The advice of his friend was much appreciated and he could not wait for the moment to come when he could give his hand to her for ever.

21,9. And the same will happen to our Zinka! He eats and drinks as if he is not troubled by the miracles any more; but there is now much more activity in his mind than ever before. Therefore there is no need to worry!

21,10. I know all men and appreciate everything that takes place in their hearts. In addition feelings in the heart are only influenced by Me. Where this is necessary, I know what I have to do. Let us therefore be cheerful and eat and drink the meal which has been placed before us, as this afternoon we will need a little more physical strength and will only have a late evening meal!”

21,11. All are now quite cheerful and in good spirits, and many praise God the Lord. A few even started to sing but, apart from Herme, there were no good singers present. Several people asked him to sing something; but he was quite hesitant since he was afraid of criticism from the Romans with their well-tuned ears! He therefore had to be asked several times.

21,12. But he (Herme) said: “My friends and lords! To God our Lord I sing a song in my heart and the Lord of Israel probably listens to it with pleasure! If I were to sing the same song loudly to your ears, you would perhaps not enjoy it because of a few imperfect notes. This would then make me ashamed and annoyed which would not be good for me nor for you. I would therefore prefer not to sing the song of my heart out loud, but very quietly in my heart. The One to whom it is dedicated, certainly understands it!”

21,13. Says I: “You are right, Herme, keep on singing as loudly in your heart! That kind of singing sounds much more pleasant when God hears it than loud pointless bawling which only appeals to the physical ear, while the heart remains cold and untouched by it.

21,14. However, if it is occasionally also sung out loud, it should only be done if the heart is so distended with the feeling of love, that it must try to suck in more air through the mouth by using the voice, in order not to suffocate, so-to-speak, in the excessive surge of love for God. Then of course even the audible singing will please God, but it should be sung with a pure voice which uplifts the soul even more.

21,15. Because an imperfect voice singing off key is like dirty marsh water poured onto a blazing flame! Everyone can imagine what the result will be.”

21,16. When I gave this explanation about the nature of singing, the charming Jarah said to Me: “But Lord, how would it be - as we are sitting so together in such a happy company - if Raphael would sing something for us?”

21,17. I also jokingly reply to her: “Ask him! Perhaps he will do something like just to please you. I of course will not have any objection or say anything against it.”

21,18. Jarah immediately takes Raphael’s arm and urges him to sing something.

21,19. And Raphael says: “You do not of course have any idea how one of us sings However I will tell you now that you will not be able to endure my voice for long, since it does sound and must sound too deeply moving as it is composed of excessively pure elements. Your flesh can not withstand the sound of my voice. If I were to sing to you for a quarter of an hour, you would die as a result of the compulsive influence of the sound of my voice which can not be compared to anything on this earth! Ask me now if you wish to hear me sing, dearest girl, and I will sing. However, what the effect of my singing will be on your body, I can hardly predict!”

21,20. Says Jarah: “Sing at least one single note; it surely will not kill me!”

21,21. Says Raphael: “Good, so I will sing one single sound to you, and all who are here should listen to it as well as also those who live at some distance from here and they should investigate the source of the sound they have heard! I must prepare myself a few moments for it! However, please be well prepared for it as this single sound will also have an immense effect on you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-21 Chapter