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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-210 Chapter

Chapter 210 - The purpose of the incarnation of the Lord. The moors as witnesses of the true, primordial man.

210,1. I say: “I shall address many words to you, not just a few! I will not give you any new laws, merely reaffirm the old ones, which I Myself, at the beginning of your time on earth, engraved indelibly in your hearts..

210,2. In truth, I principally came into this world to guide mankind - which had completely abandoned all of My original ordinances - by means of teachings, examples and deeds, so that it would return to the primordial state in which the first human beings found themselves to be the true masters of all the other creatures.

210,3. These people with white skins therefore need My teaching and My deeds so that they can recognize, who He is, their teacher, and what He requires of them. However, you still live in your splendid primordial state. Your school of life begins with the right means in the right place. You start to teach the people initially to be people, choosing what is of prime importance for them to know. In future the white-skinned peoples must do likewise and I am now showing them the way to achieve this.

210,4. There will however be many difficulties, many teachings and deeds and a long time will pass, before these white people can reach your present level. They are the stray ones, the perverse ones and the lost souls, who must be rehabilitated again. They are sick and therefore need the skills of a doctor who can cure them.

210,5. I could also have come to you, as you are now incomparably better than the white men but you never required My presence. However, I now need your presence here as proof of My primordial ordinance and I therefore I used My will to urge and finally to compel you to come, so that these white men can see what man is and should be in his primordial state.

210,6. Therefore I now ask you to show these people a few examples of your still very real primordial humanity, in order to teach a lesson to these your brothers, many of whom are blind and on the wrong track! There are a few of them who are quite near to perfection but not one of them has developed as a man to a degree which makes him comparable to the least perfect one in your community! - Out of love for Me, will you do this?”

210,7. Oubratouvishar says: “Oh Lord, Your love, benevolence and mercy already fill all those gaps in infinite space in which new creations will praise Your most holy name in profound humility, but only after eternities have elapsed. What do You wish us to do in humble obedience to Your holy will? Anything! Oh Lord, just give us Your instructions!”

210,8. I reply: “Now then, first show us your primordial control over water as an element and walk on its surface as if on firm, dry ground, as well as your great agility on wet grass!”

210,9. Immediately the leader called upon his coal-black companions, some sixty of them, and asked Me, if they would suffice. I agreed and sixty people of both genders went to the sea and continued to walk on its surface as they had on dry land. Finally they demonstrated some speed exercises and sped around so quickly on the quite calm surface that a swallow diving down at high speed would not have caught up with them. Within a few moments they were so far away from us that we could not see them any longer. Then within a few moments they arrived back very near to the shore with a noise like a hurricane.

210,10. The hair on Cyrenius’ head stood up as the sixty Nubians hurtled towards the shore as if on skids. They only came to about fifty feet from the beach and stopped suddenly. Only their leader came to me on land breathing easily and asked if there were any other feats I would like to see performed on the water.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-210 Chapter