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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-211 Chapter

Chapter 211 - The mastery of the moors over the water.

211,1. I said: “Only a few things more from your knowledge, for example what do you do on the water when a burning hot wind is blowing and how do you catch fish!”

211,2. The leader returns quickly to his sixty companions and tells them My wish Suddenly they all fall on their faces directly onto the surface of the water, lying there for a few moments like dry wood. Soon they became very restless and , stretching out to their full length, they began to spin very quickly on the axes of their bodies.

211,3. (The Lord:) “They do this to ensure that all their body parts are suitably moistened at all times so that they are not burned or even reduced to ashes by the fiery wind, the Kamb’sim (‘where should I flee to’?); since the Kamb’sim (also Kam beshim = ‘where do I flee to now’?) is by far the hottest wind in the deserts of Nubia and Abyssinia. The ‘Samun’ (for ‘pitch’ = the wind melts pitch in the ground) is not nearly as hot as the Kamb’sim. Even less hot is the ‘Giroukou’ (the south-easterly wind blowing over the pastures), since the wind coming over the great pastures or ‘Giri’, which lie precisely in that direction in relation to Memphis, already bore that name from ancient times. However, both these winds, not the Kamb’sim, were so hot that people sheltered in the dampness of the caves.

211,4. The ritual they are now showing you, they only perform during the Kamb’sim. If it continues to blow for a long time or increases in intensity, only then will they begin to dive beneath the surface, as they are demonstrating now. However, they can never stay under water for too long, since their strong inner and outer life spheres make the specific gravity of their bodies lighter than that of the water.

211,5. They are now sitting on the water and in this position they will show us how they catch fish! Look how they use their strong will-power to attract fish from far away towards them! They then lift them by hand out of the water and place them according to their needs into their open aprons, which they always wear around their loins, and, remaining in the seated position, they will quickly return to us on shore. Their sails and their oars only exist in their minds. As soon as they require to make some quick movement on the water, they wish for it with their undoubtedly steadfast belief, and everything happens as they want it to happen!

211,6. Look, they now have finished fishing and will travel in the seated position over the sea and will reach the shore with the speed of an arrow! See how they are now setting off and arriving on the shore! They are quickly standing up and bringing their catch here to us.

211,7. Marcus, ask your sons to look after the many very fine fish and put them in water, not to let them go bad!”

211,8. When the black people come to us with their aprons full of living fish, Marcus himself leads them to a fish tank where they unload their fish, several hundreds of them. After that they again quickly return to Me.

211,9. The leader immediately addresses the white people present as follows: “This feat, my white brothers, that we have just performed – does it appear to you to be totally strange that has never seen before? However, we are very simple people of nature and everything we have just shown you on the water before your eyes, is very natural to us in the same way that seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling are to you.

211,10. The perverse man already hardened in his soul will also become much heavier physically and his body is like a stone which does not float on water because it is heavier. We however are like wood within which the innermost spirits of life are already much freer than those of stone which are still burdened by severe judgement.

211,11. Pay attention, let a man with a mature soul come here, one who should not however have ever felt any arrogance or power hungry self-love stir in his breast. If he enters the water, I will guarantee that he will not sink! Place next to him a power-crazed and very self-loving person on the liquid element and he will sink like a stone! If he were to be very fat, however - which is rarely the case with very self-loving people - then the fat would keep at least two thirds of his body afloat above the water, but this assumes he would be really obese. However if his flesh is in a normal state, he will sink like a stone.

211,12. With us, water is regarded as a good test for the genuine honesty of a person’s mind. If the water will not support a man properly, his soul has most probably suffered some damage. The element will not then be favourable towards him and provide him with the necessary service. As we have moved with obvious facility on top of the water and have also shown that the animals living in the water have been subservient to us since the very beginning of our existence. Similarly, this was the case with primordial man in his time. For them streams, lakes and even the sea were no obstacles to prevent them walking across the whole world; they did not need ships or bridges. However, you people are often completely swamped by the water as well as your ships and bridges - and not one single mosquito obeys your commands! How far away are you therefore from genuine humanity!

211,13. You must have all kinds of weapons to put your enemies to flight while we have never used force. Even today we do not have any other tools than a cutting knife made from bone which we use to make our huts and our clothes in quite a laborious way. Despite this we have never had to walk around naked and we never complain about. If we receive essential tools from you to take home, we will use them with neighbourly love enhanced by your gift. They will never serve us as weapons, of that you may rest assured!

211,14. Now it is your turn to experiment on the water, and show us, how highly competent you already are in your lives!”

211,15. This type of language secretly got up the noses of the Romans a little, but they were able to remain in control of their feelings in quite a well-mannered way.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-211 Chapter