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Chapter 212 - The mastery of the moors over the animals.

212,1. The leader asked Me however, whether there was anything else unusual which they should demonstrate to the white people.

212,2. I said: “Yes, My dear, old friends! Look up there, about five thousand paces towards the midday sun near the lake you see a hill which drops off very steeply towards the water. It is infested with very poisonous snakes and adders and you can chase these beasts away for Me! All of us will accompany you to the spot!”

212,3. The leader said: “Almighty Lord! As far as their removal is concern, it will only cost You a single thought and the hill will be free of all vermin for all time. However if this is also an example of a power with which primordial man is endowed, we shall do this, as we do everything else, in accordance with Your supremely holy will!”

212,4. I say: “It is self-evident that I only ask it for the sake of example; therefore proceed!”

212,5. We broke up and moved quickly over to the hill I had described hill, reaching it after half an hour. When we arrived, the quite extensive hill was alive with all the snakes and adders. They began to hiss and whistle almost intolerably so that one could hardly grasp one’s own words. All the thousands of these creatures hurried into the sea and swam like arrows over the broad swell of the water. Within a few moments the hill was clear.

212,6. The leader came to Me and said: “Lord, all the snakes and adders are gone, from the oldest to the ones most recently hatched from eggs. However, there are still as many unborn ones in their eggs! Who is to remove them from the many holes and hidden nests? If they are not removed, within six months this hill will be covered with them again as it was until now! Who will then cleanse the hill?”

212,7. I reply: “Do you have any means to eradicate these too?”

212,8. Their leader says: “Except for the Ich nei maon (‘has no poison’) we do not know any other means! One would have to heat up the whole hill for some time and the effect would be to destroy the nests and eggs by natural means. The better way would of course be Your will or that of Your servant. We only have the option to stay here and suffocate the vermin using the influence of our permanent external life style – but this we can not do.”

212,9. I say: “Leave it at that! You have already performed your miracles and I do not ask any more of you. I will take care of it! As this hill has now been purged of its evil inhabitants, we will climb up and you will offer us further examples of your abilities as human beings!”

212,10. We then climbed the hill which had room for at least 2,000 people on its top. When we reached the top, about a thousand feet above the surface of the water, long lines of cranes took to the skies.

212,11. Then I said to the leader: “My friend, are these birds too still submissive to you?”

212,12. The leader said: “These are a foreign species we have never seen before. However, I do not have the least doubt that they are also sensitive to our will and will act accordingly!”

212,13. The leader now looked at his companions and said: “Join with me in your minds so that we can fulfil the wish of the Lord!”

212,14. As soon as the leader had spoken these words, the cranes began to descend and were on the hill among the black people in a few moments, but they avoided the white men. Shortly afterwards the leader indicated to the cranes to continue their flight and they flew away.

212,15. Now a pair of enormous vultures flew high in the sky and began circling above us.

212,16. The leader then said to the white people: “Call these hovering vultures down here!”

212,17. Cyrenius replied to the leader: “But why make this request to us - it seems to be a little arrogant? You already know that we spoiled people are not able to perform such primordial human tasks! Just fulfil the will of the Lord; everything else the Lord will take care of as far as possible as we ourselves also will in accordance with his teachings!”

212,18. The leader says: “Do you really think that I put the request to you white people to call down the two floating vultures above us, motivated by a feeling of self-aggrandisement? Oh, you are quite wrong to have that opinion of me! I put the request to you my white brothers, to remind you more emphatically of your great perversity - for which you are of course finally little or not at all to be blamed - but nevertheless it can not do you any harm!

212,19. How should we be able to sing the praises of our natural attributes?! Do you boast about your vision or your hearing?! If we had been able to take a pride in these traits that seem to you to be so wonderful, we would have lost them long ago However, as this is an impossibility for us, we still retain these apparently remarkable attributes, proof of which you white people will shortly see! - Come down, you two dwellers in the skies!”

212,20. When the leader had finished speaking out quite loudly, the two mighty vultures shot down like arrows and landed gently and clearly in a friendly way on the leader’s right hand, just as if they had been properly trained in a menagerie.

212,21. At that moment a magpie flew by and the leader instructed one of the vultures to catch it unharmed and bring it to him. Like an arrow the gigantic vulture shot after the fluttering magpie and brought it quickly back to the leader without attempting to fly off. The vulture was holding the screeching magpie firmly in its claws without harming it however and only released his grip when its master took hold of it. The leader then stroked the two vultures and released them too and the two large birds of prey quickly rose high into the air and went off to search out a succulent victim to gorge themselves on.

212,22. The magpie, however, was given to Cyrenius by the black leader as a reminder of an event which appeared to be rather wonderful to the governor and the other Romans or Jews.

212,23. Cyrenius handed the magpie to his two daughters, who were also present, for them to care for it and said to Me: “But Lord, it is absolutely fabulous what these black people are capable of – provided that Your will did not secretly play a small part in all this?!”

212,24. I replied: “I said to you before, that I would let them carry on completely on their own! Why do you doubt this now?! Just have patience and I will have them do a few other things which will make you feel quite faint!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-212 Chapter