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Chapter 213 - The mastery of the moors over the plants and the elements.

213,1. Then I call again to Oubratouvishar, saying to him: “Show us now, how much you are familiar with the air and its power as in the beginning it was given to man in his pure state to rule also over the spirits of the air, so that they would assist him in any circumstances, in which he would need their services! Show us therefore to what degree you are still blessed with this attribute from primordial life!”

213,2. Immediately the leader called over ten of his most reliable companions and instructed them to form a circle round him with each man’s right foot covering the left foot of his neighbour and with their hands outstretched towards him. This was done immediately and our leader began to twist around, then rose upwards and floated completely off the ground and about the height of a tall man in the air.

213,3. In this position he asked me if he should go even higher, or if this was sufficient proof.

213,4. I said: “That is sufficient, please come back down!”

213,5. Immediately the ten left their circle and the leader quickly returned to ground level again, bowed deeply before Me and asked if he should show Me anything more.

213,6. I said: “How do you uproot trees and move large rock clusters from the spot?”

213,7. The leader said: “Lord, our country has a significant shortage of big strong trees and only the higher mountains are blessed with them. On the high altitude pastures which the Kamb’sim cannot reach and on which our herds graze, we sometimes find old Bohahania trees which normally serve as a habitat for the apes. Here and there we also find cypress, myrrh, wild dates and buck- and chicken-bread. That is already the complete list of the trees which grow in our country.

213,8. On the plains and in the remote windy corners of our country, only noble dates, figs, the ouraniza (orange) and the semenza (seed- filled apples or pomegranates) and several useful perennial shrubs grow which supply us with the building materials for our huts.

213,9. To uproot them really does not require any extraordinary power; although we have no yet tried our strength on the stronger trees. However we have no doubt that they, just like the heaviest and largest rocks, must succumb to our will. Here on this mountain grows an immense tree, the name of which we of course do not know as well as nothing about its other properties. We are however prepared to find out whether or not it is possible to uproot it using our will-power alone!”

213,10. Old Marcus says: “Now, most obedient servant of all the lords in this world! This is a cedar at least five hundred years old! Seven men would hardly be able to join hands and embrace its girth and four very strong seasoned loggers would have difficulty in chopping this tree down in two days. Now six men and seven women wish to go over there and to uproot this tree without a mattock or an axe?! Now, this story, if not secretly supported by the almighty will of the Lord, will surely not become a tale to tell!”

213,11. I say: “Just be patient, My old warrior! This time too my will shall not be revealed in any way and yet within a short time the tree will be dislodged from the earth with its roots”

213,12. While speaking to Marcus, the black people very gently placed their hands on the trunk so that the right hand of one Moor always covered the left hand of his or her neighbour. They remained absolutely quiet for several minutes in this position round the tree. After this time had elapsed, the tree initially began to turn very slowly and, as it did, a tremendous cracking sound could be heard. All those present began to be extremely astonished and nobody understood how to explain this phenomenon, even if only in part.

213,13. When the tree, complete with the thirteen people lightly clasping it, began to turn more and more it was obvious that the tree with its root cluster and the Moors were already rotating freely in mid-air. Then some spectators, especially the women, began to scream for fear that the falling tree would crush some of the Moors surrounding it.

213,14. However, I said to the fearful ones: “Never fear; the tree will be placed very gently on the ground and nobody will be come to any harm as it falls!”

213,15. With that they all relaxed and at that moment the clasping Moors released the tree, jumped down the mountain and came back to us. Simultaneously, the tree started to sway back and forth, finally reached its natural centre of gravity and after a few moments very softly lay down on the ground.

213,16. When the tree had been uprooted in this way, I also showed the Moors a rock weighing at least five thousand hundredweight [alias centners (1 centner = 50kg) ], and said to the leader: “Rise up this rock and place it in the same hole which was created when the tree was uprooted!”

213,17. Quickly the same Moors went to the rock and embraced just as they had earlier clasped the tree. The rock rose into the air even more quickly than the tree. As it was larger in size, it was of course embraced by a larger number of Moors but it was clear to everyone that a thousand of the strongest men would still be totally unable to lift the weight of this rock.

213,18. In a very few minutes, the rock was standing firmly in the hole and the Moors hurried back to us. The leader then asked Me if there was something else they should do.

213,19. However I pretended that I was thinking something over, which the leader immediately noticed, saying to Me: “Oh, some highly significant event will surely take place as You are seeking Your own council! Otherwise it would have been our opinion that everything is exceedingly clear to a god from the beginning of time as to what He wishes to do!”

213,20. I reply: “Yes, that is so! But I was only offering you some respite as what I still wish you to perform for Me has always been your least favourite task. You need to rest after these two demanding tasks which took a heavy toll on your interactive external sphere of your lives. Now refreshed you must show us how you prepare a fire and are also masters of this element! Go start a fire and in so doing demonstrate that you rule that element!”

213,21. Straightaway all the Moors present formed a semicircle around a large bush which had already been very dry for some time and stretched their hands and fingers like rays towards its centre. Within a few moments the bush began to smoulder; the smoke became increasingly intense and suddenly the bush burst into flames. When however the bush was burning well with leaping flames, all the Moors formed a closed circle around the fire and lay face down on the ground. In a moment the fire went out to so completely that not one single glowing little spark was to be seen anywhere in the whole of the half-burnt bush.

213,22. The Moors then came back and asked Me whether they had performed their task satisfactorily. I gladly testified that they had. They immediately wished to hear more teachings from My mouth but I indicated to them that they should wait a little, as I felt I should first explain their abilities to the white people. The moors were satisfied with that and we returned to our tables.

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