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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-214 Chapter

Chapter 214 - The self-realization of the individual.

214,1. When I had resumed my regular seat at the table with My disciples and the Romans and Greeks, the leader came to Me and asked whether he and some of his companions might be permitted to listen in to My explanations.

214,2. I said: “I have no objection as from now on you have to gain full understanding of your lives! You are still in full possession of man’s primordial life strength of man, while at the same time you are still as people, to My own great pleasure, complete masters of the whole of nature’s kingdom - all of this is based on your utmost perfect trust, your undoubted faith and steadfast will. However, you do not know your strength, just like any man does not know the power which makes a person’s limbs move, drives the blood to flow in the veins, makes the heart beat and forces the lungs to breathe air in and out to sustain life. Depending on the level of its internal activity, more or less heat is produced and this heat is mainly generated in the blood by increased or reduced activity in the limbs.

214,3. This is the daily experience of every human being and yet nobody understands it, because nobody knows himself properly. How much less therefore do you understand your extraordinary abilities in life which are clearly more concealed from view than those which actively express themselves in the organism that is the body!

214,4. However, if I explain to you the deeper meaning, you will understand them more easily, than if I were to explain to you the body’s organic nature and its relation to the soul. This can not truly be explained, as the time taken to cover the, for you, nearly infinite multitude of different organisms would be longer than Methusalum’s age, nearly a thousand years, just to list them from the first to the last, and ignoring any investigation of the individual composition and function of each organism or the establishment of general classifications or their interactions as well as the thousands of different characteristics of every single one.

214,5. Take, for example, two hairs which are growing healthily next to each other. You might think that they both require the same treatment and that they would also grow if they changed places. With body hair it can not be done in the way trees, shrubs and plants can be replanted in the ground! One hair with its unique organism will only grow at that place where it originated; at any other place it would not get by with the unique construction of its root organism.

214,6. In the organism that is the human body there is very precise selectivity and, for you, almost unbelievable diversity. To understand the organic construction of the human body and to gain knowledge of every tiny atom and to grasp the reasoning behind the ‘Thus and not otherwise’ policy, one must first be perfected in one’s spirit.

214,7. When the soul and the spirit have become united, the perfected and fully enlightened soul looks outwards through its body, recognizes at a glance the very skilfully contrived construction of the body and remembers the reason and cause for having each individual element of each organ in its body, however small it may be, and recognizes its eminent suitability for its purpose. If a soul does not achieve perfection in life, even if thousands upon thousands of years pass, it can not aspire to a true grasp of its bodily organism.

214,8. Yet it is a very different story with the pure spiritual capability of the soul! It can be explained to it in general terms which is also necessary for faster easier recognition. Without this practical recognition, the soul could never reach true unity with its spirit, and without that profound inner self-cognition is impossible.

214,9. Pay attention while I clearly explain to you correct, orderly primordial human life!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-214 Chapter