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Chapter 215 - The outer life sphere of the human soul and the outer light sphere of the sun.

215,1. (The Lord:) “The, let us say, first human pair could not possibly have been placed by Me on this earth unless they had perfectly complied with the correct ordinances of life. The life of the soul had to be fully developed as it entered this world, to ensure that it did not quickly fall prey to thousands upon thousands of other hostile creatures and elements.

215,2. True conformity with My primordial divinity was indeed individually perfected in each of the first pair of humans therefore enabling them to exercise control most effectively over all their fellow creatures. However, how is this result achieved? Listen carefully to me!

215,3. The spiritually perfect soul is indeed individually present in its perfect human form in the body; but its awareness, sensitivity and will-power radiate, just like the sun’s light rays, spreading far and wide in their influence in every conceivable direction. The closer to the soul, the more intensive and effective is the constant flow of thought, emotion and will.

215,4. The spatial coverage of the sunlight, in which this earth, the moon and a large number of all kinds of other world bodies are present, is so to speak the external sphere of influence of the life of the sun, which has the effect that everything which is present in its realms is awakened to a pre-determined natural life. All things must therefore more or less submit to the sun’s ordinances and the sun thus becomes a lawmaker and ruler over all other world bodies which are present anywhere in the range of its radiated light.

215,5. One can not of course say of the sun that it can think or use will-power; however, its light can still be seen as a great thought, and the heat from that light as quite a firm will – these attributes do not emanate from the sun but have Me as their source and I achieve My purpose by utilising the organic nature of the sun’s being.

215,6. The closer a world body is to the sun, the more it must perceive how effectively and decisively the life-giving power of the sun’s external sphere of influence acts upon it. It is obliged to accept everything that the light and the heat from the sun wish to produce within it or upon its surface.

215,7. Just as the sun is the source of wonderful happenings on world bodies simply by its external sphere of influence, so an unspoiled soul, which remains perfect in its primordial concept, is full of life and consequently full of love, full of belief and full of steadfast will!

215,8. A soul like this is replete with light and warmth which radiates far away from it and the scope of this radiation then immediately shapes the powerful external sphere of influence of its life. Just as My will expresses itself in a wonderfully effective way throughout the sun’s domain and no power is able to resist it, so the will of a perfect, unspoiled soul – which in My ordinance is also My will – finds expression in the same wondrously efficient way.

215,9. If I were to permit the sun to became catastrophically destroyed with all its most skilfully designed and cleverly devised magnificent organisms and mechanisms and if its great natural soul of all souls were to finally become abjectly frightened and troubled with nothing left for it to do or concern itself with other than reassembling its fragmented wreck of a physical organism, or even in the worst case everything were to be abandoned, leaving the larger fragments responsible for their own eventual dispersal - what would then happen to the sun’s external sphere of influence with its universal power to support life? Every region on its planets would immediately experience total catastrophe with all vegetation and life in the flesh coming to an abrupt end!

215,10. Even if people could survive on all kinds of reserves for a time, illuminating the unending night for a while with torches and lamps and heating up their dwellings using wood available in the forests, this state of affairs might continue to maintain the most richly endowed people on this earth in penury for ten years at the most. However, finally, all the vegetation would have died off and the lives of all the creatures on this earth would have come to an end. All the plants could no longer grow or produce seed; the animals would no longer find food and would perish from hunger or freeze to death in the extreme cold; the earth would leave its orbit and either collide with another planet or might after many thousands of years enter the domain of another of the countless suns, in whose light and warmth it would begin to thaw and slowly begin to revive again but with a changed order of life as it could never return to its present, quite fortunate, well-ordered state!

215,11. All of this would be the effect and the consequence if the entity that is the sun should experience a partial or total catastrophe. It would no longer be the ruler and the lawgiver for the many other, smaller world bodies which orbit around it. They also would, as I have said, soon experience terrible chaos and their mighty fall would endanger the sun. The sun would have no defence as it would not have the power any longer either to resist the gravitational forces of the planets or even to mitigate their effect.

215,12. The fact that any unavoidable brief local disturbances on the great surface of the sun, specifically on its outermost skin, are immediately disadvantageous to the planets is evidenced by the frequent appearance of the black spots which you will have observed on the sun as it rises or descends. If you should observe one of these sun-spots, even only as the smallest dot, you can be sure that the disturbance will soon begin to have its effect here in bad or stormy weather.

215,13. But why is this? If the sun is so far remote from this earth that a powerfully shot arrow would require a full fifty years to reach it; what can it matter to the earth with its powerful life forces if something happens so far away on the surface of the sun?

215,14. It is true that anything happening directly on the surface of the sun would not have any effect on earth. However a black spot on the sun is not as small as it looks to be from this earth! In reality it is a few thousand times larger than the whole surface of the earth. The effect of this on the highly sensitive life spirits of earth is an already tangible lack of light and warmth. They immediately become frightened and become excessively active and howling storms, clouds, rain, hail and snow, at times even in the warmer countries on this earth, are the result of even a very small disturbance on only one sun-spot. Furthermore, the local chaos also has an unfavourable effect on other world bodies in the external domain which the sun influences and which extends far beyond this earth into the infinity of creation. Conversely the otherwise undisturbed regime of light and warmth on the sun has a favourable influence on other worlds in its domain.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-215 Chapter