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Chapter 216 - On the influence of the human character on domestic animals.

216,1. (The Lord:) “Imagine yourself a human soul in its original unspoilt state as a true sun among all the various active creatures which possess a soul, all of which are subordinated to the human soul, since they absorb the light of their physical life as well as the warmth of their spiritual life from its outer life sphere, when this, like the soul, is well regulated, in order to maintain their vegetative state as their own spiritual life sphere progresses. In this way they become gentle, tolerant and obedient. After all the souls of plants as well as of animals are destined to become human souls themselves one day, a fate that you assuredly do not know about.

216,2. The plants and even more so the animals are merely suitable storage vessels designed by My wisdom and insight to accumulate and subsequently to develop them and promote the agglomeration of - as you might say – all the general life forces of natural souls in the infinite scope of creation. This is of course also the source from which your souls originate, no matter whether initially on this or on another earthly world. These animal souls sense the aura of a proper human soul and the influence of its outgoing light of life and its warmth.

216,3. In the perfect ambience of this external influence on their lives, the animal world is prospering, just as the planets do in the light and the warmth of the sun, and there is not a single soul in any animal which is capable of opposing the will of a perfected human soul. It will rather circle deferentially around it like a planet around the sun and continue to develop in its spiritual light and warmth excellently well before making the next transition to a higher level.

216,4. To give you a more practical insight, let us consider some domestic animals and their owners more closely! Take for example a hard-hearted and arrogant owner and look at the spiritual disposition of all his domestic animals! His dogs are more fierce and untamed than wolves in the woods and his cattle are timid and quite often frightened into being dangerously wild. His sheep and goats flee from every human shape and are difficult to catch. In the pen where he keeps pigs for their fat, it is not advisable to walk and risk being attacked murderously by these completely wild animals. His chicken and other poultry are also fearful and difficult to catch. His donkeys, horses, camels and oxen are unapproachable as there is very little sign of any animal culture. They can only be used to pull loads if they are forced to work by continuous wild shouts and curses accompanied by constant beating pushing and prodding and most of the time there is some accident or other occurs!

216,5. Why then are the domestic animals owned by our hard, arrogant owner so rough and wild and so very uncontrollable? - The soul of their owner is to them a sun in their life which is in complete chaos! His servants and workers are soon just like their master and therefore in no way serve as suns in the lives of the ice-cold souls of the animals given to them to look after and control! Everybody shouts, curses and uses force to his maximum ability! How could the animals in the service of an owner like this be regarded as being maintained satisfactorily?!

216,6. Let us now turn to a really patriarchal, benevolent, wise owner of many large herds and observe his domestic animals! What an almost unbelievable difference! Neither the cattle nor the sheep leave their good shepherd! He only needs to make one single call and they hurry to him, gather round him and noticeably listen attentively to hear if he wishes to say something to them! If he does speak to them, they obey and amazingly carry out the wishes of their good shepherd. They have been reinvigorated by the light emanating from his soul.

216,7. The camel understands the slightest signal from a good master and the courageous horse does not become timid under the saddle of its rider. In short, all domestic animals in the care of a good, gentle owner are in turn gentle and obedient, listening to the voice of their shepherd and master. With all animals one quite easily notices if they are blessed with a certain gentility - just as you can recognize in your first glance at a splendid tree that it is the bearer of splendid fruit; as the trunk, the branches and all the foliage are all softly rounded, smooth, without sharp points or prickles - and the taste of the fruit is delicious!

216,8. The reason for this, as I have said, is the presence of one or more healthy, unspoiled souls which spread around themselves an aura of spiritual light which reflecting all the attributes that these souls encompass within themselves as their life force, namely: love, faith, trust, cognition, ambition and success.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-216 Chapter