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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-217 Chapter

Chapter 217 - The advantages of proper cultivation of the soul.

217,1. (The Lord:) “However, if the soul of a person is preoccupied by all manner of worldly material concerns or if it begins to immerse itself in them, this behaviour then diminishes the light from its being and it will in the end be completely extinguished. Then there is no longer any stock of powerful love to draw on, and the very little that remains is insufficient for itself; then self-love takes over and that has no longer the power to reach anyone else. If love becomes so small, what will be the source of powerful faith and will, as belief is the light from the flame of love and will is the all-powerful strength of the light?!

217,2. If these lovelorn people, even if very dull, could finally begin to grasp that, with their love so weak, they can not succeed in any activity and that most of the time they will see lines deleting all their calculations. This is their fault as there can be no end product if the necessary power is lacking. Even so they still could be helped - but they only become angry and full of bitterness about any success achieved by other people.

217,3. Rage is also a light, but a destructive one. Bathed in this hellish light they soon see all kinds of deceitful ways of obtaining great wealth. They will soon put them to the test but most of the time they fail because they are fraudulent. However, repeated failure does not deter them, just makes them even more furious. They become proud and arrogant and begin to turn to violent means and actually make use of them. Occasional success makes them bolder and they become more violent and try to remove anything from their path that they regard as an obstacle to their perceived good fortune. Using dubious methods they amass for themselves considerable wealth and now regard these as the only right and true road to follow, the one on which they themselves have climbed to happiness.

217,4. If these people have children, as is usually the case, they will only bring them up to follow the principles which the parents themselves have adopted to achieve their worldly success, namely by using all kinds of worldly deception! They then allow their children to learn all kind of things, but only concerning the world! No emphasis whatever is placed on the compassionate education of the mind and none can be given, as the parents, as well as the teachers and mentors who, in their greed, only wish to please and satisfy the parents, do not themselves have any conception of the nature of an ideal soul.

217,5. Everything is done to develop the character and sharpness of the mind as early as possible. To that end the child is motivated as much as possible by all kinds of presents and concessions and from its youngest days its developing mind is therefore influenced to the maximum degree by considerations of selfishness and greed. The child will wear fine fancy clothes and quite often does not know itself before reaching the age of ten because of its own conceit. Woe to any other poor child, or even any adult, who does not show the respect demanded for such a spoilt child, or who even dares to mock it! In doing so he will have made himself an enemy of the spoilt child for life!

217,6. Where then would you look in these people for the inner power of life which resembles My own?! Where is to be found mankind’s dominance over the whole of nature and over all the elements, if they are and, in the last analysis, must remain the source of all creation?!

217,7. However, if the character of a man is developed first and as a priority, and only then a quite easy-going and effective education of the mind is undertaken, the awakened mind will develop an aura of life filled with radiant light and this will encompass the soul just as the aura of radiant light surrounds the sun which inspires all these marvellous phenomena which you see coming to life everywhere on this earth.

217,8. As the correct upbringing of the soul of man proceeds, the soul remains active within his being, and the attribute which you call ‘the mind’, is the product emanating from the inner activity of the soul. The output of light from the mind illuminates all the still external relationships so critical to the soul, and the soul’s will-power is then dispersed into this illumination, causing everything to germinate and grow. If man’s way of life is governed by My ordinances in this way, then both My will and My trust emanate from My being or from of My all-powerful volition, which all creatures must certainly obey. Whatever outcome is desired by an orderly person must come to pass in a wide surrounding area as the external sphere of influence of a person’s life is of course pervaded by My spirit, which is capable of all things.

217,9. If a person like this is then completely reborn in spirit, he is completely equal to Me in rank and all his freedom in life permits him to do whatever he wishes within My ordinances which he himself has become part of - and it must exist or happen according to his free will. In this perfected state of life, because he is completely in My image, man not only dominates of the creatures and the elements in place on this earth, but his kingdom then extends, just like My own, to include all creation in endless space, and his will can prescribe laws to countless world bodies and they shall comply with them. As his enlightened insight penetrates everything, like My own and in fact with My own, and his highly perceptive cognition sees the shortfalls throughout creation and can prescribe, create or assist wherever and whatever might be required, as he is at one with Me in all things.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-217 Chapter