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Chapter 219 - The effect of sunlight. The composition of the human eye. The soul's sight.

219,1. (The Lord:) “These Moors have again provided the most tangible proof that this is how it is and that it can not be otherwise. Similarly the sun provides on a daily basis in every plant and in every animal, much more convincing proof of its power and creativity throughout its widespread external sphere of influence in life.

219,2. All of this must appear to one who has been wrongly instructed in his understanding of the world like a fantasy, and he sees nothing but the work of an overheated imagination, all of which seems to him be crass stupidity. In his view they are pure foolishness and incapable of exerting any influence because it is of course impossible for him to achieve and must remain impossible for very sound and necessary reasons. After all, who can perform manual skills without hands or walk without feet?!

219,3. If the sun were to be a completely dark lump, which, despite its size, could be just as well made of black limestone, it would not have any influence on natural life in the universe. Although the sun’s splendid internal organic construction, which is admittedly still incomprehensible to you, is however designed in a way that there is a tremendous continuous production of fine gases within its core. The effect of this is that the extremely large body which is the sun is forced to rotate on its own axis and this movement causes constant friction between its own extensive atmosphere and the surrounding ether (primordial air). This in turn results in the constant re-activation of the innumerable natural spirits within the sun’s atmosphere and this activity is then in turn transmitted to the natural spirits at rest in the ether which are very responsive so that those spirits which are, for example, more than two-hundred-thousand field-lanes (1 field-lane = 125 steps?) in a straight line away from the sun are also immediately aroused and this process continues every subsequent moment at the same distance farther and farther away and is repeated every moment (about a second) for even greater distances from the sun, which are for you unimaginable.

219,4. The interaction of the primordial natural spirits in the immeasurable space of creation causes the original light of the sun to be dispersed in a way which I have already explained to you in detail, to all the earth bodies or planets orbiting in its realm. This in turn brings about, in the smaller atmospheres of the planets, similar agitation of the already more densely congregating natural spirits. The closer the arousal is to the planet’s surface the more intense it appears to become as the density of the spirits increases. When, for example, you rub two stones against each other the friction generated will certainly be greater than if two feathers are rubbed against each other and this is also the reason why conditions in the deep valleys on the earth are lighter and warmer than on the highest mountain peaks.

219,5. Somebody among you who is good at making calculations might think: ‘Yes, if this is the effect brought about by the propagation of sunlight and every other light, then light must be the same everywhere and it is then impossible to differentiate the image of the sun with its light more separate and much stronger than the rest of the firmament of light!’

219,6. This would undoubtedly have been the case if I not had made the eye in such a way, that all the direct and reflected light from everything that is illuminated and the most complete contour radiation originated by a certain reaction intersect as lines at a given angle and reach the highly sensitive retina through a very tiny opening and from there pass to the even more sensitive optic nerve.

219,7. This process serves to eliminate all the more simply generated light sources, and only the main contour rays are diffracted and passed to the highly sensitive retina and from there to the optic nerve. The image is only then transmitted to the appropriate sensors on the receptors in the brain in a pictorial manner or using suitable symbols before it is then presented to the soul for it to see.

219,8. If the eye were not designed in this way, you would not of course see the sun as a separate image but everything would be a uniform sea of light, just like the vision some crazy people have had in their mind’s eye when they could not even distinguish their own ego as a separate being in the general light.

219,9. A wise Egyptian Greek, Plato, gives left us evidence of this in his writings, as did various wise from ancient times. They fell asleep, found themselves in a sea of light and thought they were present in it, although they could not see themselves. They therefore had the highly pleasing feeling of being fully at one with the primordial light, which they called the true Godhead.

219,10. The reason for this was concealed by the not yet fully developed insight of the soul which had not yet been perfected, as its original upbringing, although strict, was still wrong. Whenever the education of the mind is given priority over character formation, the upbringing is wrong.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-219 Chapter