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Chapter 22 - Raphael as a singer.

22,1. These words are of course also heard by our Zinka and he asks Ebahl who is sitting next to him: “Is this handsome youth really such an outstanding singer? Have you listened to him before?”

22,2. Says Ebahl: “That is what he says. I have heard him speak many times but have never before heard him sing and I myself am therefore very curious about his single note!”

22,3. Says Zinka: “Where does he come from then and who is this girl?”

22,4. Ebahl answers: “The boy is staying in my home in Genezareth, and the girl is my lovely daughter. She is only fifteen years old, but has the whole scripture in her head and in her heart, - as does the boy as well and he is for the time being a teacher in my house. I therefore know him very well! But I had no inkling that he is also such an extraordinary singer up to this very moment. I am now very curious myself about his single note.”

22,5. When Ebahl had said this, Raphael spoke: “Now listen and pay attention!”

22,6. After that many heard, as if from far away, a very faint but such an indescribably pure sound with which they were all enraptured and Zinka exclaimed with great enthusiasm: “No earthly singer can sing that! Only a God can sing like that or at least an angel of God!”

22,7. But the sound became increasingly stronger, livelier and mightier. At its maximum strength it sounded as if it came from a thousand trombones, like a fourth/sixth chord in D flat, reaching from the keynote into the middle octave to completion of the octave, then fading again and finally dying in a very weak A flat (above middle C) of a purity never before heard.

22,8. Those present were enraptured by this single sound to such an extent that their senses were numbed and they seemed to have lost consciousness in some way. When I gave a sign the angel had to waken them again.

22,9. They all woke up as from a very blissful dream and Zinka, full of enthusiasm, rushed up to Raphael, embraced him with all his strength and said: “Boy! You are not mortal! You are either a God or an angel! Indeed, with such a voice you must be capable of waking the dead and giving life to all the stones! No, no, no! Never has any mortal being on the whole of this earth ever heard such a super-heavenly sound! O you are a boy from beyond heaven! Who taught you to produce such sounds with your voice?!

22,10. Oh, I am completely lost! All the fibres in my body are still trembling from the indescribable beauty and purity of this single sound! It did not seem to me as if you had produced that remarkably pure sound for the first time from your throat. It rather gave me the impression that all the heavens had opened and that a harmonious sound out of the mouth of God Himself had been poured over the dead earth!

22,11. O God, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, - You are not just an empty articulated sound from a mouth! You alone are the truth and the purest, eternal harmony! Oh, that sound, that sound! Yes, that chord gave me everything that had been lost. It gave me back my God, my holy Creator and Father. It was for my soul the purest gospel from the heavens! The effect which perhaps thousands and more thousands of words could not have produced was achieved by this single sound from the heavens. It made me a complete man! My former heart of stone is like wax in the sun and feels as tender as a dewdrop hanging in the air!

22,12. O John whose death I had to announce with a completely broken heart! If you had heard such a sound in the last moments of your earthly life, the death of your body would truly have become a brightly lit gate to God’s heaven! But inside the dark dungeon, which held you captive, holy man of God, only the sounds of wailing, suffering and grief could be heard!

22,13. O people, people, people! How evil it must be in your hearts and how dark it must look inside your poor souls, because you have not heard what I have just heard, and can not feel what I have just felt and will feel for the rest of my life! O you, great, holy Father in heaven, who has never ignored the full-blooded pleading of a sinner - if one day I have to take my leave of this troubled and deathly world, let me listen again for a few moments to such a sound and I shall leave this earth in a state of utter bliss. Thereafter my soul shall praise your most holy name forever!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-22 Chapter