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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-220 Chapter

Chapter 220 - On reincarnation and the proper education of the human being.

220,1. (The Lord:) “What fruit would a tree produce if it were not preceded by the appearance of the blossom which gladdens the mind before the first fruit is displayed? How could autumn replace spring and spring replace autumn, which is normally is followed by a cold, stark winter? Would not the frost in winter destroy the blossom which uplifts the heart and kill leaves which radiate hope - not to mention the true fruit, which the blossom first of all blesses and then encourages to develop as a new being and a separate entity? In that case, the wood itself would grow but none of you would ever see a fruit ripening on the tree!

220,2. It is exactly the same with a person, especially with regard to his soul! Everything becomes coarse materialism, no fruit is forthcoming, the only product being the growth which is finally chopped off and burnt as wood in the fire of judgement and finally at least becomes ash to fertilize and cleanse the poor barren soil.

220,3. A man who begins to educate his children only by stimulating their minds is beginning to build a house with the roof or carrying water in a bucket full of holes. It will of course be wet as long as he busies himself with his unproductive work but there will never be a drop of ‘living’ water left in the bucket nor will there ever be any of the wonderful expressions of the water’s spiritual life. The vessel full of holes has to have each one blocked off and much effort is required before it will retain water. It is however easy for a badly repaired hole to begin to leak again and in time the vessel will again contain no living water!

220,4. This should be understood in the following way: A person with an educated mind can use self-denial to bring about the subsequent effective development of his character but if he is not extremely careful and constantly aware of the many plugs he has used to patch up the many holes (earthly weaknesses) in the vessel of his life. If he fails to spot a weakness or a pinprick big enough to permit air to escape, he will very soon convince himself that the water of life he has collected has gone and that he has imperceptibly again become the man he previously was - without any inner life!

220,5. Above all, I therefore commend to you the virtue of neighbourly love which stems from love of God! If you have completely strayed from the path of righteousness only this can make you again comply with My ordinances. Do not be blinded by the world as all that it gives you is death and judgement, a fruit purely of the mind! Only love can transform you and give you life!

220,6. I therefore came into this world to show you the correct way to return to My order and the right path to follow until you have achieved the true rebirth of the spirit within your soul, after which any relapse to evil becomes unthinkable and impossible.

220,7. This issue must be introduced to you now as those who have strayed are helped only in a small way by the restoration of a patched-up soul. The soul must indeed completely change course before the rebirth of the spirit within the soul can take place. However, the plugged and patched soul which has returned to the path of righteousness has no durability, because the attractions of worldly power and its temporal advantages will cause a soul which has only been patched up to return too easily to its old habitual wrong ways.

220,8. To prevent this from happening, I have prepared a new way for My spirit, which I have now placed and will continue to place as a spark of My Father’s love in the heart of every soul. This is fed by your love for Me and is then passed on positively and actively to your neighbour. It grows within your soul and after it has attained the correct level of majesty and power, it will combine fully with the improved soul and become one with it. This is an event which shall and should be called the rebirth of the spirit.

220,9. Someone who has achieved this, is then of course standing on incomparably higher ground than any soul however perfect in itself which may be able to achieve a great deal on its own, but nevertheless not nearly as much as one which has been completely reborn.

220,10. However, the spark of My love is only then placed into the heart of a human soul in all its glory, if a man has heard My word and has accepted it in his heart faithfully and lovingly as the truth. If this is not the case, not even the most advanced perfected person can aspire to the rebirth of his spirit. Without My word, which I am now giving to you, the spark of My love can not enter the heart of your soul, and if it is not there, it can also not grow or prosper within a soul and therefore can not be reborn.

220,11. However, in future, children which have been chosen and baptized in My word and in My name shall receive the spiritual spark of My love in the heart of their souls but it will not grow if their upbringing is wrong. They must be brought up according to My ordinances, which have been clearly explained to you, to ensure that firstly their characters and then correspondingly their minds, should be developed. However, the character must always be formed in an atmosphere of true love, gentleness and patience.

220,12. From their early days, teach the children to love their Father in heaven, show them how good and loving He is, how He has created everything there is in the best, most beautiful and wisest way for the benefit of mankind and how He is especially fond of little children who love Him above all! Use every opportunity to emphasise to them that all this is arranged by the Father in heaven who made it all happen and permitted it all. Then you will bring the hearts of these little ones to Me and your small effort will soon bear you the most golden fruit If not there will be thorns and thistles, on which neither grapes nor figs grow!

220,13. Tell Me frankly if you now understand how and why our black brothers can perform these deeds which were and had to be both puzzling and miraculous to you at the time!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-220 Chapter