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Chapter 221 - On right understanding and mind reading.

221,1. The leader of the Moors says: “Lord, You are an almighty and omniscient God! I and my companions have understood You quite well; but whether the white people too, to whom Your explanation was in fact addressed, have understood it in the right sense and in the right spirit, I can not of course say for sure! It just seems to me that, for a few of them, some aspects might still be unclear!

221,2. However, if somebody is still unsure about something, he will of course speak up if he is more interested in knowledge than in preserving some imagined intellectual honour which he might forfeit! Among the white people there will also probably be some, who do not ask anything as they do not want their question to reveal the weakness of the weakness of their minds! As a black man, I would like to advise them to forfeit negligible intellectual honour and declare themselves in favour of the purity of truth, which can only be derived from complete understanding, as a truth misunderstood can for Your disciples only rank on the same level as a blatant lie. A truth which has not been grasped is just as valueless to anyone as a falsehood!

221,3. No one will make use of an obvious lie, as it can neither harm him nor be of any value to him; however, a misunderstood truth is also of no value because if it is misunderstood it is either worthless or at best inappropriate to the context in which it is used. As such its value to the user no better than a blatant, perfect lie, not even by a hair’s breadth.

221,4. That would be my opinion but if somebody perhaps has a better one I will be glad to be silent and to listen attentively!”

221,5. I say: “Your remarks were quite appropriate and very true. I Myself am aware that there are a few here, who have not understood My explanation deeply enough but they are ashamed to betray the inadequacy of their minds by asking a question and they are therefore seemingly content to understand half of it.”

221,6. When I made this remark several of them immediately asked, whether they were the ones who had not understood enough of My marvellous explanation. I did not reply. Then Cyrenius asked Me quite fearfully, if he was one of those who had not grasped the detail.

221,7. I then said: “Not only you, but most of you! Only two of My disciples have fully understood My explanation about the perfect state of the soul, - all the others did not, with the exception of the Moors! You only have a general idea, not a clear conception. Even their leader noted this with several of you so his comments were well judged.

221,8. Yes, a soul perfected in its primordial life perfected soul also possesses, in addition to its miraculous ability to dominate all the creatures of this earth, the special aptitude that it can recognize and even visualise, when they are very excited, the thoughts of people as well as the feelings in their hearts. This is because the highly developed external sphere of influence of that person immediately recognizes the similar sphere of influence of another person and it is therefore absolutely impossible to deceive these people. With their highly sensitive aura they often know even at a great distance what a person who is approaching them is thinking or what he desires.

221,9. If an enemy approaches, these people with their perfected souls can combine their spheres of external influence and cause their enemy to flee in panic, just as you saw them lift a mighty tree out of the ground acting collectively in this way; or as you saw them displace the immense rock, or finally when you saw them make a fire, which immediately consumed a sizeable bush and turned it to ashes.

221,10. None of you should therefore be annoyed, if the black leader tells you a few home truths and hits his target with the precision of a trained marksman because your external aura, brightly illuminated, tells him even your innermost thoughts as long as there is the slightest common interest. The pure brain images, however, which are actually not thoughts, they do not recognize, since they only consist of little brain receptor images with no life of their own. Thoughts in the heart, however, they recognize most precisely, especially if, as now, they find themselves to be in a somewhat excited state of mind.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-221 Chapter