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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-222 Chapter

Chapter 222 - The importance of the outer life sphere of the soul.

222,1. (The Lord:) “You still do not understand sufficiently clear in your lives what the external sphere of influence of the soul in life fundamentally means and how this power can express itself by creating, feeling, hearing and even seeing! This is a little difficult for your minds to grasp, because in the outer world which is visible to your naked eye no appropriate example can be shown to you as all spiritual things are very difficult to dress up in a material image. However, as your understanding of this highly important matter is inadequate, I will clarify the point for you in more detail. But you must concentrate your minds or you will still not grasp this vitally important aspect of life sufficiently well!

222,2. This is however the most important point as you can deduce and recognize from the fact that I postponed the explanation of this secret of primordial life to last place on the agenda of our present meeting. Nevertheless however important the subjects are which I have covered with you here in the last seven days and earlier at other locations, this is still the most important. Everything else that has been shown to you has been chosen with this in mind as the most major topic so far. Without these amazing procedures and preparations, it would have been impossible for you to understand even the smallest part of it all.

222,3. But why do I consider this to be the most important? - This is very easy to deduce and recognise! A man, who truly seeks betterment in life and advancement to perfection, must first grasp all aspects of life, its existence, its self-expression, its differing behaviour, in one way or another, under certain conditions. Similarly he must understand how a life can be restored if it has been spoiled or perverted, as well as how a fully perfected condition of life can be maintained and even transferred to his fellow men, so that in the end there can only be one Shepherd and one flock.

222,4. The fact that for a true person full cognition of life is of supreme importance, was realized and maintained by the wisest men of all nations at all times. They merely found the path to it to be very troublesome and difficult or in most cases did not find it at all. However, I as Lord and Master of all life and creation since eternity, have come to you Myself and have in a miraculous manner brought everything together in this place which is for the most part still remote from the world, with the intention of letting you see the image of true life as clearly and tangibly as possible. In time and with due patience you will understand this but then it will also be your duty to explain your understanding to your fellow men as convincingly as possible!

222,5. In any country where there are only one or two persons who have the insight and the understand to make good use of this knowledge for themselves, it will be of as little value to them as they would be to a wise man, either in a madhouse surrounded only by fools or confined in a stall full of donkeys or oxen! Will they understand the wise man if he uses the most profound depths of his innermost wisdom to present them with sublime doctrines choosing his words in the friendliest possible way?!

222,6. A wise man can only be recognized and understood as such by other wise men! There is nothing to be gained from the lives of animals and of complete fools as whatever is to become of them has already been decided in My eternal ordinances. The lives of human beings however permit you to take everything from them and set it down on the correct path of truth, love, patience and wisdom!

222,7. If you have promoted other men to be true brothers and friends for yourselves, who will in time resemble you in your knowledge of life, you will also enjoy true joy and happiness together and become strong in all the good deeds which it will be easy for you to perform! Just as a hundred arms can achieve more than one alone, or a hundred eyes, looking in all directions, can see more than two, so the combined external influence in life of thousands of souls is a strangely powerful lever which is able to turn aside all kinds of dangers and evils, wherever they may come from or whatever names they may have been given.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-222 Chapter