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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-223 Chapter

Chapter 223 - The power of the individual perfected in love.

223,1. (The Lord:) “You have seen the power of the effects achieved by combining the external spheres of influence on life emanating from our new friends, the Moors! How much normal manpower would be required to pull out a tree like that old cedar including its heavy root ball?! How much physical manpower is needed to dislodge and roll away this very large, heavy rock from its resting place?! A few Moors have pushed or even carried it through the air before your eyes! You can therefore deduce from this undeniable fact what power and strength must be concealed in the combined external spheres of influence in life of these souls which are perfected in nature!

223,2. If these Moors, who were unaware of about the power and strength of My name, could perform these extraordinary tasks using only the power of the combined external spheres of influence on life of their souls which have been perfected in nature, just think how much bigger your own capability would be if you could work through My word and through the almighty spirit of My Love using the combined influence of your perfected souls!

223,3. In truth I say to you: You could move mountains, not just these trees and rocks, if you were convinced of the necessity in the clear insight of your wise hearts. However, whatever might be necessary, you would certainly always know through My spirit within you, which is ever present in the heart of your souls through my living word!

223,4. Would it not be extremely desirable to be a perfected person in My name, and an even more desirable achievement for a whole community or even a nation?

223,5. The possibility of reaching this goal is there in front of your eyes, and it is therefore extremely necessary that you as My closest disciples should fully recognize this most important condition both within and around you so that you can also teach this cognition to all other peoples in the correct way! He who has light, should not hide it under a bushel, where its rays have no power to dispel the darkness. The light should be placed on a clear table, from which it can radiate out to all those who are present!

223,6. It is indeed easy to place a natural light on a table! This is certainly incomparably more difficult to do with enlightenment for heart and soul but a strong resolute will can also achieve this aim and with My reliable help on the most important occasions in life, with even less trouble than you might think. Of course, everybody must first possess the qualities that he wishes to impart to his neighbour, otherwise he is like a blind man who wishes to lead another blind man - if they finally reach a ditch, both of them will fall into it!

223,7. Hopefully I have now sufficiently explained to you in detail the great importance of this state of the true vitality in a perfected human soul and have also showed to you the supreme importance of full self-knowledge, which must be brought about by the correct upbringing of children. With people who have gone astray and who are not to be blamed for their lapse, can be accomplished to the greatest possible extent, by using the right mixture of humility and patience but principally through true, active love of God and in turn of one’s neighbour. The deeds of these Moors with their strong spiritual lives should lead you to the true self-knowledge as I already explained but you have not grasped it fully. It is therefore now up to you, because of the vital importance of the matter, to ask questions and reveal in your questions the topics and the subjects in which you still lack understanding!

223,8. First of all you must consciously feel that something is missing, otherwise you could never force yourself to bother with it however wide-ranging your desires. If someone has lost something and does not know about it - will he ever begin to search for whatever he has lost? One therefore has to feel quite strongly that something is missing and what it consists of as well as recognizing its great value - otherwise one will not begin to seek it out with the necessary urgency and diligence!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-223 Chapter