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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-224 Chapter

Chapter 224 - On hungering for spiritual food.

224,1. (The Lord:) “The ordinary man in this world can, of course, not even dream about the true supreme virtues in life as, if his stomach is sufficiently well satisfied, why should he bother himself with all the other important issues in life?! He is able to eat his fill and to drink if he is thirsty; he has a fine, comfortable home, a soft bed, good clothes and many other pleasures in his life, as well as no shortage of beautiful, shapely maidens and other luxuries! What could a connoisseur of earthly goods like him still be lacking?!

224,2. Poor beggars must take refuge behind all manner of wisdom and knowledge which is continuously fed to them by their hungry imaginations, in which they win over some rich man, live off him and entertain him in return. However, none of this can be regarded as real except the penury of the hungry wise man, the idleness of his hands and the fact that he prefers to fill his hungry stomach effortlessly in his imagination, fantasizing about any old God and the everlasting life of the human soul, rather than do hard work with his hands!

224,3. Consider this picture which is true to life and work out whether someone with ample earthly possessions is missing something! What does our essential self-knowledge mean to him without which true recognition of God is not remotely possible? Will he ever begin to search for the things that he is completely lacking? Most certainly not as he does not suffer hunger or thirst, which are supposedly the best levers to encourage these poor, work-shy beggars to seek out wisdom and knowledge!

224,4. How could he otherwise see what he is missing for a true life? Hunger and thirst – in the opinion of the well-fed spendthrift - are the only motives for any activity and if there is no suffering from hunger or thirst, no need to look for wisdom! In a word, if a man is missing nothing in his own opinion, he therefore has no ambition and if someone has lost nothing why should he search around as if he had in fact lost something?!

224,5. It is the same with a teaching which has been delivered. A man who thinks that he has understood it completely will not ask questions. The sated glutton does not ask for more food unless he becomes hungry again, when he will of course look round again for food. What will he do if his cook is not there? Will he be able to prepare his own meal?

224,6. Each one of you should now therefore look for food as long as the chief cook is among you! When he returns home to the place from which he came, many of you will begin to look for the correct food but then it will be difficult to obtain any.

224,7. Many of you who are now with Me are well endowed on this earth and extremely rich with all manner of earthly treasures. You are zealously looking for spiritual food, which is not brought into the sunlight from the gold mines on this earth! It will however be given to you in abundance – but you must not think that a surfeit of it will enable you to understand everything clearly.

224,8. You may well understand every word I speak and as much as any human can grasp it, yet you will not be able to understand every nuance which is concealed within it in infinite abundance! You are also not asking questions because you do not grasp what it is that you have not understood! But why do you not perceive this and why did Oubratouvishar recognize the fact that you had not fully understood My explanation? The reason is because the aura of his primordially perfected external living soul penetrates your rather still imperfect one quite easily, just as on a pitch-black night you can establish if a man has a good crop of hair or if he is bald, by touching his head with your hands!

224,9. Because the external sphere of influence of your life is still very weak your feeling only begins where your body begins and beyond that limit your souls do not possess even a tiny spark of feeling!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-224 Chapter