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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-225 Chapter

Chapter 225 - The miraculous power of the reincarnated.

225,1. (The Lord:) “The ability of these Moors to feel and to have insight can extend over a large area if they are very excited and they can therefore easily determine which spirit’s children are approaching them. They are not however able to recognize a deeper spiritual being in someone, but they will certainly know the true nature of his soul!

225,2. When they arrived here this morning, they had already recognized My soul and its wisdom and power from quite a distance but they could not evaluate the spirit within the soul as God’s spirit can only be recognized by another spirit coming from God. I first had to light a spark in their hearts through My word; and when that spark found its proper food in abundance in a perfected soul, it became more intense. They recognized Me in My spirit and are now more certain than you about the being in Me with whom they are dealing.

225,3. All this is the result of a perfected soul. With a few exceptions, your souls in themselves will never achieve a comparable level of cognition, but they will be purified by My overpowering love for you to ensure their suitability to accept My spirit completely. If you are then reborn in spirit, it will not be your achievement, but it will be only through My love and My benevolence and compassion, that you will be able to complete more important tasks than these Moors, but not using a power generated by your perfected souls, but using the majesty of My spirit to permeate your weak souls which will of course be forever strengthened in the process!

225,4. However, I do not want to make miracle workers out of you, but true benefactors of mankind! If My spirit is aroused in you to become fully active, your minds will be filled with light and brightness and you will therefore quite normal paths in nature to learn about her powers and make her spirits serve you - or alternatively provide for you the spiritual primordial substances specifically required to achieve the great worldly advantages in life, which you should use in your benevolence to poorer human beings!

225,5. If the great advantages towards which My spirit will lead you are utilised in accordance with My ordinances, the blessings they bring shall be increased a thousand fold in all ways. If however you in time begin to use them selfishly and in contravention of My ordinances, they will become the breeding ground for mankind of every conceivable evil on earth!

225,6. What I am now saying to you, I will also repeat to all those who will follow you in a thousand or even two thousand years, give or take a few years. After that another stratum will begins to ferment and till the earth, either with or without mankind, as the earth is large and there are many spirits on it who are waiting for judgement on their destiny.

225,7. Everyone who is reborn can also perform miracles - not as these Moors do without knowing My name or My will – but fully respecting My name and My will and My unchangeable order. If someone were to wish for something different, it could not happen as My spirit within him would not support him. It would only be a selfish desire in the soul because the spirit’s wishes could never be contrary to My will!

225,8. However the rebirth of the spirit in the soul does not cause the soul to lose its own free will and its perception in the sequences of major creations which will continue to go forth generated by My love and by My wisdom, order, power and strength.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-225 Chapter