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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-226 Chapter

Chapter 226 - The relationship between soul and spirit.

226,1. (The Lord:) “The soul will always relate to the spirit just as the earthly body does to the soul. Even the body of a perfected soul has in a certain way a desire for pleasure which can spoil the soul if it is indulged. A properly educated soul will never indulge the body’s desire to overeat and will always remain in control over the body but with spoiled souls the opposite situation is very possible.

226,2. Between the soul and the spirit, however, there is always a relationship like that between a primordially perfected soul and its body. The body can have as many desires of its own as it wishes and pester the soul for permission or satisfaction with its often very sharp claws, but the perfect soul will always effectively say ‘No’! My spirit does precisely that within My soul, into which it has been completely absorbed!

226,3. As long as the soul completely follows the will of its spirit, everything that takes place is exactly in accordance with the will of the spirit which is also My will; however, if the soul because of its memory of the past wants to indulge in somewhat more sensuous pursuits, the spirit will then step back and leaves the realisation of the desire to the soul alone – but then nothing normally happens, especially if the wish to be gratified contains effectively very little or, in some cases, nothing at all of a spiritual content.

226,4. The soul will soon notice its own weakness and ineptitude and will soon dismiss the self-indulgent dreams from its mind. It will most intimately join the spirit again and allow its will to prevail. Good order, strength and power are again fully reinstated.”

226,5. Finally Cyrenius again says if a little meekly: “Lord, after hearing your speeches and reminders, I find myself in a cleft stick in that I recognise the main shortcomings in my knowledge but I am only becoming increasingly aware!

226,6. You said earlier, that the individuality of the soul, even if Your spirit permeates it and absorbs it completely in the moment of spiritual rebirth, has not been subjugated by the spirit so that the soul can break away at certain moments. The soul can thus retain its individuality and even think and use its will-power just as it did before the rebirth of the spirit in its materiality.

226,7. If the soul is previously able to use will-power and thought, it must also have a free, independent ability to acquire knowledge and must therefore also recognize the immense advantage of the input flowing in from its spirit, especially when compared to the input from its own senses. If the soul essentially recognizes this, how is it possible that it ever wanted to have its own thoughts and desires if its spirit had not whispered them to the soul in advance?! I find that the continuing self-centred ability that man has to think, express his will and gain knowledge, is simply an imperfection in mankind’s spiritual make-up.

226,8. It also sounds strange, that the soul which is newly reborn in its spirit – a soul which is supposed to be much stronger than the pure, primordially perfect soul of one of these Moors, a race in which there has not for a long time been any talk of rebirth and probably never has been - can do much less than the pure, primordially perfect soul of a Moor! If these souls desire something, it comes to pass while a soul reborn in spirit – and that certainly means more than if it was just a primordially perfect soul – wishing to do something of its own volition, is unsuccessful because the spirit does not agree!

226,9. The souls of these Moors will most probably enjoy in the next world the miraculous ability they have here and at least be able to perform the same wonderful tasks as they can here as here. Will our souls however, reborn in the spirit, then be able to do nothing even if only for their own private pleasure? My Lord that is something that I, for the first time, am completely unable to grasp. I can find no justification or any reason acceptable to my common sense. Please therefore be so gracious as to explain this matter to us white people more clearly as this is indigestible food for us!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-226 Chapter