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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-227 Chapter

Chapter 227 - Brain and soul.

227,1. I say: “I have already shown you how a soul and finally the whole human being, if wrongly brought up, loses all its wonderful human capabilities which are similar to My own! If you begin by firstly educating a child’s mind while its brain is still less than two-thirds mature and is nevertheless obliged to absorb an immense number of words, images, and figures too quickly on the little receptors in its brain which are still very soft and fluid and are still concerned to achieve their own best development, these little receptors become on hardened on the one hand and conversely they are chaotically confused by exhaustive memory exercises. As a result these little children in their later youth and even as adults are plagued by constant headaches from which their minds will never be completely freed for the rest of their lives.

227,2. The whole brain will have long ago already have been cluttered with all kinds of symbolism and has been made totally unreceptive to the very subtle signals, which are first created in the heart and should be imprinted on the very sensitive receptors in the brain. Even if the soul later receives some higher spiritual truth form the heart, it has no hold on it, the soul can not grasp it as this truth is not visible to the soul for longer than a moment.

227,3. In addition the soul always has many physical, roughly formed worldly images which appear to it like a dense forest and in which it can not possibly pick out the small, quite tender, very faintly imprinted pointers of which there are a large number. If the soul catches a glimpse of these very faint and misty images, which have been generated by the heart, they are presented as a blurred picture which the soul can not possibly retain or see sufficiently clearly as the rough physical images stand in front of the spiritual images in such a way that they partly conceal them and even partly destroy them.

227,4. Now your opinion would be and say: ‘Yes, why should the soul specifically look at the receptors in the brain? The soul should directly deal with the heart and be surrounded by its spiritual light!’ That would be fine if it were possible to transform the established order of life completely without harming life itself!

227,5. Would it not also be appropriate to give someone, who, for whatever reason was born blind or lost his sight later in life, a new pair of eyes on the chin, on the forehead or on the nose? – That would be quite good if the new eyes in a different place did not also require a completely different physical organism!

227,6. For the mechanism that is the human body is governed by such a strict set of mathematical rules, which prevent anything from being moved and relocated by even a hair’s breadth, without a complete transformation of the whole organism of the body. It is therefore completely impossible to relocate the tools which are the senses somewhere else in the body by giving it another form and a complete different internal design – without a complete re-appraisal of the whole body.

227,7. Just as you can not give the body senses which are relocated to substitute those which are already there in the right place, for the reasons I have given, the same limitation applies to an even greater extent to the soul which is an even more sensitive, spiritual organism! That soul can only see and hear using the brain within the body; other impressions, which are however dull and indistinct, can also be perceived with the other nerves which must nevertheless be constantly connected to the brain cells, otherwise the palate has no sense of taste and the nose has no sense of smell.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-227 Chapter