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Chapter 228 - The proper development of the brain.

228,1. (The Lord:) “As long as the soul dwells within the body, the brain remains the soul’s main source of visual images. If the brain is correctly developed, the soul will clearly and accurately view the living images coming from the mind and impressed on the brain and will also think, reach decisions and act accordingly. Even if the soul in certain ecstatic moments is able to have its own visions during the laying-on of hands on the pit of the stomach by a person with a strong faith and will-power - as Zorel was an example for you - that is of little or no value to the soul in real life, because in the dark domain of the flesh it can not retain even the slightest memory of these visions.

228,2. If the brain in the head (the physical head) is not actively involved when the soul is having visions or insights, the soul will have no subsequent recollection of it or perhaps only a vague notion. This is because the images that the soul absorbs into its brain (the soul’s material brain) remain invisible just as the body does have the necessary insight to view all the images imprinted on the many little receptors in the brain which originate from the eyes and the ears. These can only be seen by the soul, which is within everything that is of the flesh.

228,3. Correspondingly whatever remains in the brain within the soul can not be seen with its eyes nor heard by its ears since these eyes and ears only look outwards like those of the body. These images from the brain within the soul can only be viewed by the spirit within the soul and this is also the reason why a man can only recognize something purely spiritual, if his spirit is fully aroused within his soul and has made the transition to it.

228,4. However, whatever there is inside the spirit, is recognized by Me just as the spirit of a man who is at one with My spirit, has complete knowledge of Me. For he is the reflection of My image in the soul just as the sun’s image is fully reflected in a mirror.

228,5. As long a soul dwells within a body, a well developed brain is essential to ensure truthful, clear vision but an imperfect brain is of no value for spiritual visions just as visions from the pit of the stomach are of no value to the soul because it has no remembrance of them as has been shown earlier. Even if it remains embedded in its spiritual brain for ever, the soul still has no eye and no ear for it - as only the awakened spirit within has.

228,6. If therefore the brain is properly developed from the heart in accordance with My ordinances and the spiritual images of life, which are a light to retain in the small brain receptors rather than the materiality images, subsequent images of the outside world are bathed in light, become easily understandable in detail and are judged wisely. This penetrating light not only fills the entire human organism, but its bright spiritual radiation goes far further to form the sphere of influence which, after it has in time developed intensity and strength, a man can employ in the world at large to perform miracles even without his spirit being reborn, as you have seen with our friends, the Moors.

228,7. If, however, a person’s brain has received a poor upbringing and the little receptors in his brain only retain dull silhouettes and his soul must concentrate all the light in his life on them to be able to see them and only recognizes them very superficially by their outlines, the soul itself can never be bathed in light and can therefore never aspire to form an external sphere of influence in life, using its abundant surplus of light.

228,8. It is only by the practice of true humility and through the most powerful love of God and one’s neighbour, as well as by a valiant effort to acquire spiritual qualities, that the light penetrates to the images of materiality in the brain for them to become enlightened They are transformed into spiritual objects and the brain is thus brought into line. However, they will never in the flesh reach the heights that you have observed with these Moors.

228,9. No matter! One of you reborn is for Me more pleasing than 99 of these naturally perfect souls who need no penance. My true children must grow strong from their weaknesses!

228,10. My Cyrenius, have you grasped all this sufficiently? Are your questions answered?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-228 Chapter