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Chapter 229 - Cyrenius asks for clarification of the teaching on the brain.

229,1. Says Cyrenius: “Lord, in all sincerity, to grasp Your explanation completely, we have to have more knowledge of the human brain as it is otherwise impossible to imagine the little receptors on which correct upbringing leaves soulful spiritual images or on which poor education causes material, rough, worldly images to be preferred. We understand even less how the different images of life are retained on these receptors.

229,2. If You agree, My Lord, as all things are possible to You, give us a description of a little receptor from the front and the back of the head, so that we can also obtain a good idea of something You Yourself have said it is very important to recognize?! If we can not properly understand a concept on which such an immensely important teaching is based, our grasp of the whole subject will inevitably suffer as a result!

229,3. There is certainly too little light in our souls for them to be able to judge what the shape or the capability of these receptors in the brain might be or for us to view them clairvoyantly so that we have a better concept. It is therefore necessary that our weak white souls at least have a basic knowledge of this organism in our body as our good fortune or otherwise in life seems to depend almost entirely on the brain’s correct development. If, as I have already said, it pleases You, My Lord, I would like to see one or two of these little receptors and, if it is also feasible, some with the good imprints and some with the bad!”

229,4. I say: “I knew that I would bring you to the point of recognizing the shortcomings within yourselves and of feeling compelled to plug the gaps. Look here, this request pleases Me more than your other one when you nearly became angry hearing Me say that the soul of someone who has even been totally reborn person will never be able to perform miracles unaided in the material world, as a primordially unspoiled soul can for and out of itself!

229,5. I told you in fact, that a reborn person is able to do what I Myself can do, of course only by means of and in compliance with My eternal ordinances but it seemed to Me that you were not completely satisfied with that! You did not however take into account the fact that these primordially perfect souls have no power to do anything except the tasks that are permitted and beneficial in compliance with My ordinances.

229,6. Since everything that they achieve with the power of the sphere of influence of their lives appears to you as miraculous is in fact something which is just as natural as the fact that this earth here is covered with moss and grass and that the water in this inland sea remains in its large pit because of the force of gravity. If you regard both of these natural phenomena as acceptable to Me and to Mother Nature you must also consider it to be correct and quite natural for these primordially perfected souls to be able to perform tasks imposed necessarily by their sphere of influence in life and by the land in which they live.

229,7. These Moors do have a very black skin but, as compensation, an even more enlightened soul. For the most part they also know the main living organs in their constitutions, even the tiny brain receptors. As their primordial souls have insight into their bodies, if some part is unwell, they can see the location of the illness and even work out what it is.

229,8. Using the influence of their sphere of life which becomes very active at these times, they soon find the right herb to cure the illness in one way or another. Only when their tendons and veins become tired and weak and their blood thickens, do they then believe that there are no herbs to counteract the general deterioration of the body which, for quite natural reasons, is becoming weak, very tired and sluggish. It is then best that the soul provides for itself, gathers itself together and leaves a body which has become ugly and useless. It then goes, untrammelled by any earthly bonds, to the joyful land which is located between the sun, the moon and the earth for ever and ever.

229,9. These people therefore do not have the slightest fear of death, but they do fear illnesses of the body as they cause the soul to be unnecessarily stressed and the soul itself afterwards is weak and imperfect for some time.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-229 Chapter