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Chapter 231 - The blessing of proper procreation.

231,1. (The Lord:) “Now, as lechery and fornication have taken root as a true pestilence afflicting people’s souls, that’s the end of preaching the gospel! How could one preach to deaf ears and show symbols to blind eyes? However where truth is not preached and can no longer be preached, there is no other way to strengthen and free the soul and enlighten it completely. The soul only can become active, full of love and also of light by means of the truth because there is no other source for light to diffuse the soul. It is only the light of truth from the soul that can shape the sphere of influence of external life!

231,2. Where therefore lechery and fornication are deeply rooted in a nation, the people have no sphere of influence in their lives. They are sluggish, cowardly and indifferent and can not take pleasure in anything that will make them joyful or blissful. They no longer delight in a beauty or shape. Their character is based on the mute, animal desires which are driven by the flesh and they either have very little or no sense at all for anything else!

231,3. Therefore take care above all that this vice does not take hold of you and married couples should only do as much as is absolutely necessary for procreation!

231,4. A man who disturbs his wife during her pregnancy will spoil the fruit already in her womb and implants in it the spirit of licentiousness, as the same spirit which urges and incites a couple to sleep together more than is the norm, is then transmitted to the fruit in an even stronger degree.

231,5. Therefore this point must also very carefully be considered so that the act of procreation is not an expression of mutual lechery, but is driven by true love and affinity of two souls. Secondly, a woman who has conceived should not be touched but left undisturbed for at least seven weeks after having given birth!

231,6. Children who have been conceived in the correct way and have matured in their mother’s womb undisturbed, will firstly come into this world with their souls more perfected, because the soul in a perfectly developed organism can certainly much more easily care for its spiritual progress if it is not housed in a spoiled organism requiring continuously repair-work and patching. Secondly the soul itself is purer and brighter and has not been made impure by the lustful, lecherous spirits, which have often made a daily imprint on the embryo’s flesh and its soul in their repetitive activities after conception.

231,7. How easy is it for such a soul, in its most tender childhood years, to raise its mind to God. It is just as Samuel did it out of truly childlike, completely innocent love! And what marvellous basic primordial images will in this way be lightly and brightly engraved in the true depths of the heart by the young, tender brain before there is any evidence of materiality. The child will then use this light to explain to itself the correct meaning and true relationship of the later images which come to him from the material world because these pictures are so to speak implanted on a brightly illuminated background which is true to life. They are dissected into their individual components and are so very well illuminated that they can easily be inspected and understood by the soul.

231,8. With these children an external sphere of influence in life already starts to develop in their early years and soon they easily become clairvoyant while at the same time everything in My order of life becomes submissive to their will. What are the children already spoiled in the mother’s womb by comparison? I say this to you: They are scarcely more than apparently animated silhouettes of life! What is the main reason for that? It is, as I have amply demonstrated, only the consequence of lechery!

231,9. Wherever My word will be preached by you in the future, this lesson must not be omitted, since it tills the earth and the ground of life and cleanses of all thorns and thickets and thistles, from which no man has ever harvested grapes or figs. Once the ground and earth has been purified, it is a simple task to scatter the noble seed of life into the furrows which have been illuminated by the light of the mind and its life warmed by the flame of love. Not one grain will fall to earth without germinating immediately and quickly unfolding to bear a sumptuous fruit of life! However on wild, uncultivated ground, you can sow whatever you will but you will never reap a good harvest !

231,10. The reason is that a man who carries and spreads My word among the people, is like a farmer who took the best grain and strew it wherever he went.

231,11. Some fell onto dry desert sand and or onto rocks. When the rains came, the little grains began to germinate very tenderly – but the rains soon stopped and the winds came and the sun’s glowing rays soon dried up all the moisture in the hard ground. This caused the tender, scarcely germinated seeds to die and there was no fruit.

231,12. Other seed fell beneath thorn bushes and although there was moisture and they germinated well and grew in size. However, only too soon the plants were overgrown and suffocated by the desires of the world, and they too did not produce any fruit.

231,13. However, some other seed fell on the path of human meanness and did not even germinate, but was soon crushed under foot or partly eaten by the birds of the air! That it also did not produced any fruit, goes without saying.

231,14. Only one part fell on good earth where it germinated, reached maturity and produced an ample rich harvest.

231,15. This picture should serve to remind you that you should never cast pearls before swine! Above all it tells you, first to clean and fertilize the ground and only then to begin sowing the seed of the living word so that none of the trouble or the heavy work will be wasted! To complete the good work of spreading My living word a good will alone will not suffice and it must also be backed up by the correct and true wisdom of life, - otherwise the good and steadfast messenger carrying My word is comparable to the prophet Bileam, whose donkey was wiser than he himself was!

231,16. Look here, My friend Cyrenius, all I have told you so far has not really given you the answers you requested and in your heart you are constantly on the verge of reminding Me, but I say this to you that fulfilling your desire immediately would not have been of much value to you, if I had not given you this preliminary information.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-231 Chapter