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Chapter 232 - The structure of the human brain.

232,1. (The Lord:) “Now we shall see, if we are able to obtain a set up of little brain cell receptors to improve you understanding! Indeed, Raphael could fetch a couple of natural human heads from Rome for us as two major criminals have just been beheaded in Rome on the Capitol! However the skulls of villains would help us very little or even not at all!

232,2. It is preferable that the angel should bring us four completely white and totally pure pebbles from any stream. From these we will try to produce a human brain, as far as this is possible with material things. - Raphael, go and bring us what is required!”

232,3. Raphael suddenly vanished for about seven moments but suddenly he was back with us and placed four completely snow-white pebbles in front of us, by that I mean in front of Me, on the table. Two were larger and two were smaller, corresponding to the larger frontal lobes of the brain for visual images and the smaller back lobes for the images of sound.

232,4. When the stones lay before Me in the right order, I touched them, and they became transparent like very pure rock crystal. I then breathed on them and they broke into millions of little four-sided pyramids, each one consisting of three lateral faces and a base.

232,5. The two stones arranged on My right represented the brain in good order and the two to My left the brain with deficiencies caused by a inappropriate upbringing and other bad influences in later life, as is usually the case with people.

232,6. However, there were not only pyramids visible, but besides the few pyramids nearly all the three dimensional forms, figures and types known to those skilled in measurement were to be seen and were even more easily distinguished after I had breathed on them and thus enlarged them ten times. Now there were four very large assemblies lying as they had been arranged in front of the very surprised disciples at the table which Raphael of course had to enlarge considerably and very quickly for this purpose.

232,7. I said: “Now you can look at the receptor shapes for all four brain piles individually and easily distinguishable!

232,8. Look we have here to the right the large frontal lobe made up of a number of regular pyramids, and also the small lobe at the rear with the same pyramids, - they are just a third of their size but still large enough to receive all the air vibration values required by the soul.

232,9. However, now look at the two piles on My left! There are already quite a number of different forms, as I mentioned before, and nowhere do they fit together properly; here and there, you see gaps which cause gives rise to all kinds of misleading reflections as you will see later on. The rear lobe, very similar in size to the frontal one, also has receptors which are only one third as large as the frontal ones – and just look at the shapes!”

232,10. Now they all crowd together to look at the brain assemblies formed from the four pebbles which I had enlarged. Initially there were only the little pyramid receptor shapes to be seen, but without the inner lobe separations or the inter-connection of the little receptors.

232,11. (The Lord:) “Once all of you have understood this as clearly as possible, I will divide the little receptors into cells by breathing on them again and will connect the receptors in each cell according to their polarity, then link the cells themselves and also the frontal lobe with the rear one so that the little receptors, no matter which type they are, can receive pictures and symbols.”

232,12. Cyrenius is so amazed that he is not able to regain his composure and finally says: “Ah, I now understand! The ancient Egyptians, who built their schools in the shape of pyramids, were most probably still primordially perfected people in their souls and therefore enlightened with the result that they could see their body’s organic construction! These pyramid shapes, which are so important for people to recognise therefore had to be visible and this is why they chose this shape for their extraordinary schools. Of course, they also would have seen and studied the construction of each brain cell pyramid in great detail, and would also have given the interior of each pyramid the same design with the largest scale, just as they visualised the organic construction of the brain cell pyramids!

232,13. Therefore a pyramid in its interior has a very large number of various passageways and chambers so that even a very erudite person could not possibly work out the purpose for which any one of them was designed! Lord, have I judged this correctly?!”

232,14. I say: “Completely right and correct; that is how it was. The Egyptians therefore also decorated the interiors especially with all kinds of symbols, scriptures and pictures on the walls. These appropriately represented all kind of things which man in the flesh has to survive or fight for on this earth and how he has to get to know himself and how it is true love that is the focal point of all life.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-232 Chapter