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Chapter 233 - The connection of the frontal lobe with the posterior brain lobe.

233,1. (The Lord:) “But now I will breathe on the brain assemblies again, and you will see something similar to the two obelisks or pointed columns appear in front of the pyramids. These columns were however used for another purpose than the two little pairs of pillars in front of each surface of the little brain receptor pyramids. These were only meant to indicate that wisdom can be sought inside the pyramids and that of course it was only a man of proven purity who was permitted to enter.

233,2. The two little spikes in front of the little brain receptor surfaces and each little brain pyramid has eight if them are in fact writing instruments controlled by the movements of specifically allocated cerebral nerves. These are in turn connected in an extremely skilful and mechanically organic way to the nerves in the eyes and the ears and the little receptors are either inscribed in a certain manner or are decorated with other suitably spiritual illuminated images.

233,3. However, pay special attention to everything that will happen! We shall now fill these writing instruments with a lymph or colourless liquid and begin our observations with the brain that is in order! - I wish these little receptors in this brain to be inscribed in the correct way as if both the auditory and visual stimuli were coming from the mind.

233,4. Everyone now looked as intently as possible and concentrated their attention on our brain cell assembly. I was of course obliged to create the images with a glare of material light rather than the light from My soul as My disciples with their eyes of the flesh would have seen nothing at all. - What have our most attentive observers noticed?

233,5. They observed how reddish and bluish little stars are poured out by the little spikes to cover the little receptors in such a way that anyone with a sharp eye, seeing all these little stars impinging on the receptors, would begin to discern wonderful little images on them.

233,6. I of course created the effect that the eyes of the observers had microscopic properties to enlarge the images, This was absolutely necessary as they would not otherwise have seen much of these wonderful illuminated images and shapes. The earlier tenfold magnification of the little brain pyramids would not have been sufficient, but now, with the little receptors a thousand times enlarged, they were able to see considerably more.

233,7. I now asked Cyrenius, what he saw. He said: “Lord, wonder upon wonder! The many flexible organs over the whole length and breadth of the obelisks in front of the pyramids are continuously poring out a stream of little stars which are light-red and light-blue in colour. Both the little antennae on each of the four pyramid surfaces are constantly busy, travelling back and forth over the pyramid’s surfaces and diligently spraying them with the little stars. One might think that this apparently aimless and random traversing over the triangular receptors would only result in a scribbling effect but in fact all kinds of proper imagery seems to take shape of its own volition and it is beautiful to behold.

233,8. Now I see that the two little pillars come to rest once a surface has been fully illustrated. It is almost incredible that these thousands upon thousands of symbols and little images could have been drawn by two busy drawing tools on a triangle of that size in such a short time! The shapes are very small even though we are looking at a surface magnified to the full height of a man but these little images and symbols are so pure that one can not imagine anything more immaculate and perfect.

233,9. Why are there however no little images to be seen on the little occipital lobes which are very similar to those in the frontal lobes? There I only see simple lines, dots and hook-shaped symbols, which I do not understand. What do they mean?”

233,10. I say: “These are symbols of sounds and words. Nevertheless they are not independent but are connected by the effect of their polarity to the surface of a little frontal receptor and the sounds or concepts inscribed on the little occipital receptors using lines, dots and other hook-shaped symbols, are simultaneously depicted, normally on the downward facing frontal pyramid surfaces, as a suitable image and presented to the soul in this way for ease of cognition.

233,11. To achieve this, a number of thread-like nerves must be spun to link each little occipital pyramid to its corresponding frontal pyramid otherwise nobody could have a clear image of a concept which used words to describe a region or an activity.

233,12. Inarticulate sounds, also music, are not transferred, therefore no person can imagine an image or a concept based on hearing one sound or one harmony or one melody; because, as we have said, these sounds are not copied onto the frontal receptors in the brain. They are independently retained on the corresponding occipital pyramid surface as lines, dots and little hooks.

233,13. From the occipital pyramid surfaces, however, pure sounds are carried on nerve threads which pass through the spinal marrow to the nerves of the stomach (or ganglions) and from there to the heart. This is the reason why music, when it has a certain purity of tone, mainly affects the mood in that it takes hold of it and often makes it feel tender and soft.

233,14. However, as they come from the heart and as their volume increases, sounds can still be depicted as shapes by the light of love when the little stars are inscribed by the two little obelisks onto the receptors in the brain. They are often true signposts for the soul in the vast halls of the life of the spirit and appropriate and refined music can be very helpful to assist a soul to unite with its spirit. Therefore learn and teach pure music, as David once did!

233,15. The fact that refined music can have this effect can also be seen if your enemies and friends are gathered in the same place and good music is then played to the company, instead of enemies you will soon see only good-natured friends. However, this effect is only achieved by good music – bad or obscene music achieves exactly the opposite.

233,16. You have now seen how sounds which have been re-directed can still be presented to the soul as something tangible, not as images of materiality but as more refined spiritual shapes in the form of all kinds of symbols, just as we can also find similar ones on old monuments in Egypt. I think that what has been presented so far should be quite clear to you and I will not therefore say any more, except to stress that all this only occurs in a well ordered and unspoilt brain, with the proper input form from a mind in which the little brain receptors are initially lit up by the radiance of all kinds of soulful and spiritual shapes.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-233 Chapter