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Chapter 234 - The connection between the sensory organs and the brain.

234,1. (The Lord:) “As we have now observed and understood this very important preliminary work, we must, in order to understand the matter fully, also look briefly at how the soul in the end imprints the same little receptors with images from the material world.

234,2. Look here, the images received through the eyes should also be imprinted onto the little brain receptors! – My will is that that must happen and it does!

234,3. Look particularly at the writing tools or obelisks in front of two surfaces and note how they have suddenly become very dark! It looks as if they have been filled with a very dark liquid, and see how all of us, as we speak, are being inscribed, line by line, onto the little receptors in the brain – together with the trees and everything else that we can see! However they are not just flat, dead images but three dimensional and seemingly alive!

234,4. Every movement we make is reproduced here thousands of times and just one or even a thousand earlier positions will remain on record in the inner chambers of the pyramids, always readily visible to the eye of the soul, because they are consistently illuminated by the spiritual light of the soul. The result we sometimes call ‘memory’ and sometimes ‘recollection’, because it is recorded inside the pyramids of the brain. These, however, are multiplied in turn by repeated reflexion and we can therefore carry one and the same object as innumerable images in our heads.

234,5. In this way, everybody carries in his soul and inexpressibly more in his spirit, the whole of creation from its largest to its smallest part and it is within him as that is where he came from.

234,6. If he looks at the stars or the moon or the sun, all of this is again inscribed in his organic brain as I have shown you, and the soul looks on and derives pleasure from the view. The desire in the soul for a precise record is met by imprinting what has been seen including the numerous reflexions into the innermost, intimate parts of the little brain pyramids – the scale is of course significantly smaller - and they can always be selected again by the soul and looked at in their perfect state.

234,7. All the symbols from the sphere of the physical world appear only as dark images of themselves but the illuminated images from a better life stand behind them, giving sufficient light everywhere so that the soul in its most private moments can look through them, study them and understand them.

234,8. In addition the frontal lobe of the brain in particular is principally in constant contact with the nerves detecting smell and taste, while the occipital lobe covers the general sensory nervous system. They also leave certain markings on specific little receptors, from which the soul can immediately and very easily recognize how, for example, this or that flower or ointment smells, how this or that food, fruit or drink tastes and also smells. The established pattern is that each little smell and taste receptor is strictly connected by very sensitive nerves to one or other of the little specialist receptors.

234,9. As soon as a known smell stimulates someone’s olfactory nerves, it is simultaneously offered up to the appropriate smell or taste memory board so that the specific object board immediately receives a signal which enables the soul to recognise quickly and easily the smell or taste that is present. In the same way the source, the nature and the composition of the stimulus is revealed to the soul by the general sensory nerves in the occipital lobe. However this sequence is only applicable, as we have shown here, in an extremely well-ordered brain. An unsound mind will however exhibit few remote similarities with the sound brain and we shall soon convince ourselves of this by factual and practical examples.

234,10. Observe this second brain in its representational form and the irregularity of the main and secondary divisions within the lobes. These are already a mixture of all kinds of three-dimensional shapes, including discs, balls, spheroids and other loose configurations. The obelisks in front of the surfaces are mainly not to be seen and if they are still visible, they appear to be completely misshapen and are seldom the same size or of the same strength!

234,11. How can a brain like this usefully serve a soul? This brain, as it is presented to you now, was already deformed when it left the mother’s womb, as you have seen. We will however now follow its progress in its usual earthly upbringing and discover the fate and the goals to which it will ultimately aspire. All of you must now pay close attention!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-234 Chapter