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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-235 Chapter

Chapter 235 - The unspoiled and the spoiled brain.

235,1. Cyrenius asks, somewhat surprised: “Lord, has this brain which You have miraculously brought here with Your almighty power, been destroyed in its mother’s womb by the sensuality and lust of coitus after conception?”

235,2. I reply: “My friend, what a question coming from you! Did I not tell you before, that all this has been presented exactly as it exists in reality? How could it then occur to you that this artificial brain created to illustrate the lesson might consciously have been destroyed in its mother’s womb?! It only looks as if it had and I therefore said: This brain was already destroyed as you see it in its mother’s womb! This is just a somewhat more precise definition to ensure better understanding and is therefore only a consequence not a true hereditary possibility! - Is this now clear to you?”

235,3. Cyrenius says: “Lord, please forgive my great stupidity; I already understand!”

235,4. I say: “I knew already that you would realize this. In putting your very silly question, some worldly thought inspired a misleading reminiscence in your brain, and you can now see what knowledge all so-called worldly wisdom offers a soul thirsting for the truth!

235,5. All questions posed by the worldly wise are in fact extremely stupid. What of the answers which other worldly wise men give to worldly wise questioners? If their light is already night and darkness, how intense will their true night and darkness then be!

235,6. Therefore be on your guard against all worldly wisdom because I tell you, that it is much more dark and evil than what highly respected worldly wisdom calls stupidity! A dull worldly person can easily be helped unless his wisdom is so deep-rooted that he can not be helped at all or only with extreme difficulty. In your silly logic you ask if there is any remedy against true worldly wisdom? The answer is clearly in front of you with this second, unsound brain!

235,7. Look here to the right at the primordially ordered and completely unspoiled brain! What clarity in its images! Everything is light and more light, and all the shapes, including their outer cortices, as well as the organic construction of the interior can all be seen with the utmost clarity! What clear concepts and images must a soul like this obtain from all the inter-related subjects! How wise and how powerful in every aspect of life is that person! Which of the many children of the world can measure up to him?! What is achievable by a primordial soul, you have had the opportunity to observe with the Moors earlier.

235,8. However we have an unsound brain in front of us and we now will see how it will be even more ruined by further immoral and perverse upbringing. You will then clearly recognize how completely unfruitful and unwise worldly wisdom is by comparison with true, heavenly ordained wisdom! Just look at the chaos in that brain! There is no order, just a scattered, crippled little brain pyramid! The whole brain looks more like a gravel heap!

235,9. The brain is shaped in its mother’s womb! What will become of a person like this, what progress will he make in the true school of life with this brain?! Yes, if it was left at that and one could start with a careful education of the mind for about ten years! But where is this education?! It is no longer greatly esteemed and in advanced nations it is completely absent! The less advanced nations, however, know nothing more about improving souls or lives than the dear animals in the woods and their characters are just like the ancient men of the woods, who bloodily and rapaciously feed on and live off other more gentle animals.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-235 Chapter