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Chapter 236 - The character of the world-wise and his misfortune in the afterlife.

236,1. (The Lord:) However bad these wild people necessarily are, it is still easier to make a perfect person out of one of them, than out of someone who is truly worldly wise. Indeed, these sages have in some respects quite sharp minds when they concentrate on something – usually something self-centred - and the reason for this is because every person’s little pyramidal brain receptors, at least those in the centre of the brain, retain part of their linear functionality. This ensures that many of these sages taking council with each other can reach some special conclusion, confined however to strictly earthly matters. However, everything at the heart of the matter or that is more profound or spiritual remains completely foreign to them. There is an insurmountable chasm between the advantages of the world and the everlasting benefits of the spirit and the soul, which even the sharpest worldly mind will never be able to bridge.

236,2. Remember that the fault lies in the basic corruption of the human brain construction even in the mother’s womb and afterwards in the even worse upbringing of the heart and the mind. If birth were at least to be followed by correct education of the heart and the mind, the brain corrupted in its mother’s womb could largely be made functional again and people could subsequently achieve some enlightenment and strength in their lives. Ongoing correct humility and true goodness of heart, of course only after years have elapsed, enables the lost ground to be made up again completely.

236,3. He who scatters seed onto good earth is assured of a positive harvest. However if the already meagre, poor earth is not strewn with fertilizer or even a seed from the full truth of life, how and from what source will there be fruitfulness or even an ample harvest of life?

236,4. It is true that worldly people understand quite well how to uproot through the material earth like pigs and moles and how to cultivate with all kinds of fruit. They achieve significant harvests, fill their stores and grain silos to the top and become very proud and arrogant. They therefore treat poor people even less sensitively and more roughly than before, people who, because of the excessive greed of the worldly rich and therefore powerful, have not been given a strip of land for their own support.

236,5. This is understood excellently well by worldly people; but the earth in the kingdom of the spirit, the everlasting life, they leave fallow and are concerned about it. If thorns and thistles grow there rampantly, it matters little or nothing to them. It is therefore understandable how and why the people on this earth, instead of improving, increasingly become worse and more wretched. As long as they can build themselves magnificent palaces, lie on soft beds, stuff their bellies full of the finest delicacies and adorn their bodies with soft, regal clothing, they have enough and are satisfied. They then have everything that their selfish life in the flesh can desire in the short remaining time of their earthly life.

236,6. Then the limping messenger shows up, then the bad illness and following that, death. Their troubled soul descends from one great fear to an even greater one, finally the victim of utter despair, unconsciousness and, in the end, death. The laughing heirs divide up the abandoned treasure troves and excesses owned by the deceased world fool. What awaits him in the beyond? Nothing awaits him except the greatest poverty, the greatest penury and the greatest misery, indescribable in this world. This does not just last for a short while but for in your mind an incredibly long period of time, which you most certainly can describe using the term ‘forever’, which is also quite obvious. For what means is available to a soul, which has never worked or provided for anything except for its own body, to perfect itself in a world, which has no other existence and consists only of the soul’s inner content which is then transformed by the illuminated aura of its external spiritual life into a place for that soul to dwell.

236,7. This is the world in which its new, actively loving activity is supposed to begin in its very own spiritual kingdom. How can this be possible if the mind, or if you like, the heart, is hardened and insensitive, continuously consumed by self-pitying anger, inciting itself to fury and revenge and, if the spirit within is completely dead, deaf, dumb and blind, never in a position to see the little brain receptors of the soul in a bright clear light?

236,8. Even if it were to be possible for a heavenly spirit like this to rise up within its totally deranged soul, to see and feel all the things present in the soul’s brain, to assist it to create a new environment for life and activity, the spirit would still not find anything in that brain, which would help it to bring this about. The reason is that of all the material things that the soul in this world has absorbed into its deranged brain of the flesh, nothing whatsoever could possibly have been transferred to its own spiritual brain. The soul is totally lacking the main element in life required to make this transition, namely the light from the flame of love for God and from it for one’s neighbour!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-236 Chapter