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Chapter 237 - The effects of a spiritually dark brain.

237,1. (The Lord:) “Place a brightly polished mirror in a totally dark cellar, and ask yourself whether the objects in the cellar will be reflected by it? If you are familiar with the cellar, you will use your sense of touch to find objects stored there according to their type and, if necessary, even identify them without a light. However, it would be pointless for you to place a mirror in that dark cellar, since without light it will never be able to provide your eyes with a good image of anything in the cellar.

237,2. This is also the case with a person who has a worldly educated brain which is disturbed and dark. No ray of light carrying appropriate spiritual forms can pass from the dark brain in its materiality to the soul-like, and therefore already spiritual, brain. The totally stunted little brain receptors in the soul remain dark and empty in themselves and even if a spiritual light should fall on the little receptors, it would be of just as much use to the spirit and the soul as if someone were to set up a light in a completely empty, white-painted room.

237,3. What will the man see there? Nothing but empty walls! What research would he be able to carry on? None, unless it were to be based on unmitigated boredom! Coming to his senses he will say to himself: ‘Out with you and your light from this empty room as there is nothing here! Let the light shine out where there is something to illuminate! Light must be used to some effect – so why light up four empty walls which remain empty whether the light is on or not?!’

237,4. If the insight of the spirit looks at the little brain receptors in the soul and sees that they are empty, then the light of spiritual insight can not penetrate further and it will remain dark inside practically for ever! If, however, the position is irrevocable but not otherwise, where should a soul in the after life obtain the building materials to create a world in which it can live? How will it begin? You think perhaps that I will also be able to assist this poor soul? O yes I can, but never out of weak, human, untimely compassion and only in compliance with My unchanging ordinances which do have, as is generally known, an extremely generous embrace, full of forbearance and patience!

237,5. Only when the pinnacle of distress has been reached when the soul has begun to glow caused by the powerful pressure of its despair and the intense fear in its heart together with a sense of suffocation in its mind, only then will little glowing sparks rise up to its brain, like an all-consuming fire storm. Shadowy images of its distress, torture, torment, pain, misery, impotence and desolation will then be imprinted on the little receptors in the brain and only then will the soul obtain some sketchy ideas and, after long periods of time, it will be able to begin to form from these pitiful images a poverty-stricken world to live in!

237,6. Nobody will envy the soul and its domain and it will again take a long time before it can achieve any improvement in its living conditions world. Powerful ways of positively activating its heart will be repeatedly required! The endless distressful circumstances will provide the soul with a copy of little else but many sad concepts of herself at it will, on its own ground and in its own way, begin to restore its house to good order so that it will not again easily become a victim of abject distress and desperation!

237,7. That could already be described as a chapter on its own or a harvest. However how limited, poverty-stricken and unhelpful it all is!

237,8. If someone were to leave little children, not yet able to speak, in a dense forest, it would be possible for one or more of them to come out safely. Assume that a little boy and a little girl survived because they were placed right beneath a fig tree and its fruit fell into their laps. The fig tree initially fed them until they reached a certain age, when they, still completely wild, began to look for other food! They grew up, reached adulthood, bore children, and within a few centuries a new nation was formed; however, there would have been no education and no revelations from above!

237,9. Visit that nation to ask about education and you will be convinced that you have met animals, not people. They are wilder and fiercer than all the tigers, hyenas, wolves and bears! You will not find a language only an imitation of all kinds of natural sounds which they use to communicate their greed and their most primitive intentions. They will eat foreigners, animals and fruit raw - and when they are really hungry each other too. They occupy their time with a constant search for food.

237,10. After another few centuries - if they have gone beyond the borders of their large rain forests and have made contact with some educated nation who have driven them back into the forest with a few being taken prisoners and given an education, and let us assume that the process has been repeated several times and that some of the previously imprisoned ones have now returned home as well educated fellow countrymen - the whole tribe will in time receive some education, but that is still a far cry from any spiritual education as men!

237,11. How long will such a nation still have to wait before achieving at least some worldly culture and how much longer still before they reach your present level of spiritual development? By that I mean, in a natural way and left to themselves!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-237 Chapter