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Chapter 238 - The developmental difficulties of a worldly soul in the afterlife.

238,1. (The Lord:) “Of course, if there are revelations from above the education of a tribe of nature like this will progress much more quickly! However, a revelation in this world can be received by a people more easily than by a soul on the other side. As previously mentioned this is a soul which has not brought a single little spark to the afterlife which might from a distance be regarded as a divine ordinance.

238,2. Such soul totally dematerialised in this way finally enters the afterlife overcoming all manner of emergencies and inhuman predicaments and reaches the point where it has developed certain concepts and ideas while the increased activity in her mind has generated a glimmer of dull light in its substantial brain. This enables it to use its very limited imagination and its will-power to create the chimera (delusion) of an emergency world in which to dwell. However this world can not of course have any permanence because it is too far removed from the one truth and the divine order. It is only then possible to use emissaries to visit the soul, who are similar in appearance and who can very cautiously and imperceptibly introduce several better concepts and thus enrich its mind.

238,3. At this stage an extra hundred earth years is often too short a period of time, to restore even very limited divine order to a soul which has been so utterly corrupted in this world.

238,4. However, it is nearly impossible to elevate that soul to a level which is higher than the lowest, first, pure heaven of wisdom. Its brain never loses the sad early characteristics which from time to time still activate a right to seek revenge and the way to achieve it. This again leaves an image in the now increasingly enlightened brain and stimulates the soul’s mind which now has the insight that its condition is quite good, but that the present comfort is in no way a substitute for everything it had been suffering so far.

238,5. The soul resembles an old Roman soldier who, because of his age and his many wounds and scars, has received a farm as a present from the emperor where he is able by hard work to provide for his family quite comfortably. However, the old soldier still grumbles when he looks at his scars and says: ‘Good is good, but too little for me as I offered my life so often for my emperor, my nation and my fatherland! My neighbours never had to fight a mighty aggressive enemy. They have healthy upright bodies and can easily work their fields. I too have male and female servants who help me with the work; but nevertheless I still have to work myself if I wish to make a decent living. Of course I do not need to pay the emperor any taxes or tithes for as long I live and even my children are exempt until the fifth generation, especially if one of my sons takes up arms to defend the emperor and the state. It is of course something not to have to pay the emperor any taxes! Nevertheless, even without taxes, my very respectable income is far too little for me!’

238,6. In the same way the souls in the lower heavens keeping on sulking especially when they remember that they have endured a great deal and now even have to work themselves, despite being blessed. They even have to work hard to provide for themselves the necessities of life just as people do on earth, the only unfortunate difference being that in the beyond they can not save any surplus for themselves as that is not permitted in the hereafter because the leaders in the communities know how to prevent and suppress this urge very strictly. These blessed souls are therefore never completely happy because their nature is such they always feel that they are missing something.

238,7. Yes, of course they are missing a great deal but their loss is as good as irreplaceable as the basic elements are not at all there. They resemble people who would like to fly like birds in the air and are very sad because this advantage is denied to them as people while so many stupid animals can enjoy it to their heart’s content.

238,8. What use is this grief to people? They lack the essential elements to fly and despite all the grief and the sulking they can never emulate the birds in their splendour of free flight.

238,9. I now have shown you, My Cyrenius, and all you others very clearly, the consequences a soul has to suffer by secularisation in this world, as it can not be helped in any way unless I use My all-embracing ordinances - one could of course remove it from creation totally and replace it with another unknown one but that would equally serve no useful purpose for the displaced soul!

238,10. Every soul has to develop itself either here without difficulty or laboriously in the hereafter – the means are available to it for either choice. If the opportunity is missed here because the soul has been embroiled by the world and its attractive treasures, it must be done in the hereafter. I have already clearly shown you the ways and sufficiently answered the questions that came from your hearts. Do not look too appealing as I will still be unable to help. It is impossible to explain except as I have already done as three times three can never be seven, but will always be nine! The apple tree will for ever bear apples and the fig tree’s fruit will for ever be figs!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-238 Chapter